How to Add Vibrance in Premiere Pro

How to add vibrance in Premiere Pro

If you’ve ever looked at your footage and thought it needed a little extra oomph, you’re not alone. Adding vibrance is a great way to make your video pop off the screen, giving it a more vivid, eye-catching look. In this tutorial, we’ll show you How to Add Vibrance in Premiere Pro using simple yet powerful tools to bring out the full potential of your footage.

Whether you’re working with a dull scene or just want to enhance your colors, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. By the end, you’ll have a video that’s vibrant, dynamic, and full of life.

What is vibrance in Premiere Pro?

In Premiere Pro vibrance is what filmmakers use to increase the intensity of the greyed out, muted, drab colours. You leave the other colours as they are, and you’re left with a natural-looking image that pops off the screen.

Vibrance is a function where you follow the above and change drab colours. This is done through Lumetri Scopes, using the vibrance functionality in Premiere Pro.

It helps brings out the colours and gives you a crisp, natural-looking image – this helps prevent skin tones from becoming oversaturated.

Let’s check out how to add vibrance.

How to add vibrance in Premiere Pro

Here’s how to add vibrance in Premiere Pro – it’s pretty simple to find, but there are a few best practices to consider to avoid over-exposure; let’s check it out!

Firstly, enable Lumetri Scopes by going to Window > Workspaces > Color or if you have it set up, go to Window > Lumetri Color.

Window > Workspaces > Color or if you have it set up, go to Window > Lumetri Color.

Now to access Vibrance, simply go to ​​Lumetri Color > Creative > Adjustments > Vibrance.

Now to access Vibrance, simply go to ​​Lumetri Color > Creative > Adjustments > Vibrance.

Here you can now add vibrance in Premiere Pro with ease. A couple of tips when adding vibrance to your video in Premiere Pro to consider:

  1. If you’re looking to sharpen skin tones, use the vibrance bar, as this will allow you to brighten the skin tones without oversaturating the video.
  2. Use it sparingly, don’t overuse it. Like most colour correction tools, you can use too much and cause the video to look oversaturated or overexposed.
  3. Partner the vibrance with editing your video’s saturation – these two can be used together and help bring the tired, drab colour to life. Use the saturation subtly to help allow the colours to pull through.

Lumetri Scopes – Find out more

Lumetri Scopes is a colour correction tool available in Premiere Pro. It is made up of three aspects these are: 

  • Waveform 
  • Vectorscope 
  • Histogram 

These three components allow you to monitor colour levels. LumetriScopes is perfect for balancing the colouring of your project, where you can manage the colour balance so you get no surprises when you view it on the big screen.

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It helps you achieve the perfect colour grading and allows you to colour correct your film to the best possible quality.

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