How to Download Adobe Premiere Pro for Free

Everyone asks, “is Premiere Pro free?” or “How do I download Premiere Pro for free?” – You may be apprehensive about paying the full subscription, but there’s a way to trial Premiere Pro for free. 

This guide looks at how to download Adobe Premiere Pro for free and the best free video editing alternatives. 

Let’s jump straight into it!

How to Download Adobe Premiere Pro for Free

In this guide, we look at how you can get Premiere Pro for free (Trial) and the best Premiere Pro alternatives out there – and there are some absolute crackers! Let’s get into the detail:

Is Premiere Pro free?

Unfortunately, unlike its biggest competitor DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro isn’t free. But you can get a free trial of Premiere Pro

Scroll a little further for the cost of Premiere Pro. If you’re a teacher or a student, it is, in fact, a lot cheaper, and you’ll receive a 65% discount.

How much does Premiere Pro cost?

Premiere Pro has various costs depending on the plan you choose. Currently, Premiere Pro 2022 costs: 

  • Annual Plan paid monthly: $20.99
  • Annual Plan pre-paid: $239.88
  • Monthly rolling plan: $31.49

The annual plans are the cheaper option, but if you need more flexibility – the other option, if you’re a freelance creator, is to get the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle; it will save you a lot monthly on the individual apps. 

And remember, if you’re currently a teacher or studying, you will get 65% off – all you need is proof that you are studying or that you are a teacher. 

However, you should check out some of these free premiere pro transitions – cinematic masterpieces!

Is Premiere Pro free for students?

It’s not free, but students and teachers get a large discount on the 25+ Creative Cloud apps. Students and teachers will receive 65% off all Creative Cloud apps, including Premiere Pro. All you need to do is provide your student number or show proof that you’re a teacher. 

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Best Free Premiere Pro alternatives

The Premiere Pro free alternatives are incredible; they’re of the highest quality, and some well-known films and tv shows have been edited on them. 

Here’s a recent breakdown of the best free video editing software.

Let’s check the best free alternatives to Premiere pro.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an excellent alternative to Premiere Pro. It’s a powerful editing package that includes all the key features: 

  • Color correction
  • Multi-cam editing
  • Audio correction

It has a wealth of tools for you to use to clean up and perfect your footage. And supports both 2 and 3-dimensional footage. 

Anyone who’s an industry professional or a newbie to editing can use this. It’s the closest to Adobe Premiere Pro in terms of free video editing software. DaVinci Resolve provides the indie circuit with a reliable option. Actually, scrap reliable, an in-depth, world-beater platform. 

Read the full system requirements for DaVinci Resolve.

Here are some essential pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on Resolve.


  • It’s free!
  • Industry-level color correction and color grading software. 
  • It allows you to edit a project from start to finish to a professional standard. It gives you all the tools you need to make a professional edit in one program


  • Resolves Motion Design with Fusion isn’t as good as After Effects.
  • Sometimes DaVinci Resolve can be hard to navigate and understand and can be a difficult learning curve for anyone new to video editing. 

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is a pretty cool editing program. It’s professional and easy to use, providing you with slick editing features. The layering and masking tools allow for simple use and push your work to the next level. 

It allows you to edit on a level par with Premiere Pro. With these, you’ll be able to use all the basic masking and layering techniques you need to create your films.

The interface is highly intuitive and simple to use and provides you with these additional features, which include: 

  • Advanced compositing tools and cutting tools. 
  • Supports 3D video. 
  • Intuitive keying features.
  • Audio and video filters.

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of HitFilm Express to give you a transparent view of the editing program.


  • It is free. 
  • Ideal for beginners. The UX of it is friendly and easy to navigate. 
  • If you’re a professional, you have the ability to edit to a high standard, so it could be a cost-effective editing tool. 
  • Professional-looking effects. 
  • Offers a guided walk-through.


  • Not as good as Resolve.
  • The Pro version costs as much as Premiere Pro.


This one is for Mac users. iMovie is free, but it does provide you with a decent quality of editing. The interface is intuitive and allows anyone at any level of video editing to get stuck. 

We’d only recommend this for anyone starting out their journey; it’s quite a basic program but one that covers everything you need to learn and improve. A great stepping stone piece of video editing software. 


  • It’s free.
  • Great for learning the ropes. 
  • Produces high-quality export.


  • Tools are pretty basic; color correction tools would not be up to industry standards. 
  • Not appropriate for above beginner level.


Shotcut is a pretty cool program; it’s similar to Blender in that it’s open-source. It supports a huge range of video formats which is imperative. 

And! It also works with 4K video so that you can create an absolute masterpiece with it. The native timeline allows you to have creative freedom and doesn’t mean you have to constantly import clips. 

Brilliant for that editing workflow. It’s a great source for both beginners and intermediates in the video editing space and serves a real purpose. Here is an overview of some pros and cons to help you decide if Shotcut is for you. 


  • Open source – lots of improvements are being made regularly. 
  • A modular user interface makes managing your workflow easy
  • Offers powerful filters 
  • Allows for a wide range of import and export formatting. 
  • Oh, and it’s free!


  • No tutorials
  • Offers little to no transitions and effects compared to others.


Quik is mobile-only, so a little different. But we thought we’d add it to the list for you! It’s developed by the makers of GoPro and is a pretty cool on-the-go editing app. Great if you need to splice up a quick video for social media.

It’s a cool feature that automatically sifts through your footage and finds key moments. The best thing is it’s available for both Apple and Android, unlike Splice.

We hope this article on How to download Adobe Premiere Pro for free was of use to you. Let us know down below in the comments your thoughts.

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