An integral part of the storytelling process in filmmaking is editing. Great editing brings your story to life, so we decided to put together a beginners guide to Adobe Premiere Pro! In this Adobe Premiere Pro Guide, you will learn the basics within a few minutes.

Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Create a New Project in Premiere Pro

When you have opened Premiere Pro, start by creating a new project. This will bring up a new project window where you can edit the name of your project. Once you have named the new tab click on the scratched disk tabs and set the options there to  “same as project”.

Adobe Premiere Pro

These locations are used for rendered previews and captured media remember to divert them to an additional source, like a hard drive. This will help speed up Adobe Premiere Pro.

A Beginners Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro:

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The Premiere Pro workspace (interface)

Adobe Premiere Pro Interface

Premiere Pro has a great and easy to use interface which is ready to go as soon as you open your new project. You’ll be greeted by four sections to the workspace. These are the project tab, the timeline tab, the source tab and the program monitor.

  1. The project tab – this is where you organize and import your media.
  2. The timeline tab – this is where you arrange and edit your media.
  3. The source tab – you view your raw media here.
  4. The program monitor – you can view your timeline sequence here.

If you head to window > workspaces you can edit what appears in these tabs, to make it customisable to what you want.

How to import footage into Adobe Premiere Pro?

There are several ways you can import media into Adobe Premiere Pro, the most common is either to select your file from its source and drag it into the project area or you can simply click File > Import, then select the file you wish to add to your timeline.

How do I create a new sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Creating a sequence in Premiere Pro is the next step after you’ve imported your media into Premiere Pro.

What’s a sequence in Premiere Pro

A sequence in Premiere Pro is a project within your overall project that will sit in the left-hand side in your timeline panel. You can work on multiple sequences in the same project and then when you export your project, they’ll export as individual videos.

How to Add a Sequence:

How to Add a Sequence in Premiere Pro

To add a sequence go to File > New Sequence – this will then open the new sequence window and you can set your desired settings

The basics of editing in Premiere Pro

Here we will go through a few of the must-know basics of editing in Premiere Pro to help you become a more proficient editor.

Adding your clip and editing it on the timeline

Using your imported footage you imported into the project earlier, you can drag and drop it onto the timeline and repeat this to get all of your clips to line up in the correct order before you add transitions and trim the footage.

The in and out points

These are used to mark out the desired start and endpoint for your video. These are used for when you export your footage. You can always tweak this as you go along depending on the length of your final, polished clips.

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