Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the top video editing software out there, it’s dynamic, ever-improving and provide the highest level of user experience that a video editor could ask for. In this article, we are going to delve into the top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials to help you improve your video editing craft.

The Top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Let’s have a look at the top 5 Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials below.

The MUST-Know Adobe Premiere Pro Features

In this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial, Philip goes through the must-know features in Adobe Premiere Pro. These range from adding audio keyframes to your timeline to creating a new effects custom bin.

All of these tips and tricks will help you become a much better editor and save you a lot of time learning these shortcuts you will use on a daily basis.

How to remove background noise from your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

This Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial is one of the most helpful out there. So many times after recording on set or just out in the open for your first short film you get back to the editing suite to find a horrible noise with your audio.

Fear not this tutorial shows you how to remove the background noise in a matter of minutes. We take a look at how to locate the noise, automatically detect where it appears and remove it.

These few steps will leave you with crisp audio fit for your film.

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Insane transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

This tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro goes through multiple transitions that can be replicated by you in Adobe Premiere Pro.

These transitions are perfect for Vlogs, commercials and travel videos. They’re a mix of camera tricks and smooth transitioning to create incredible transitions for you to use in minutes.

How to CLONE yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro

This is on of our favourite Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, granted it’s not one you’d use often but it’s a really cool editing trick.

A lot of people use these for Instagram content, in one person short films, and other social sites (including Vine – well used to, TikTok and Occasionally Twitter if you fancy being trolled).

In this tutorial, Philip talks you through how to set up the camera for the cloning to work. What angles you need to film and any pointers surrounding continuity.

Then we delve into an in-depth analysis of how to edit your footage to ensure you create a realistic clone.

Then you are done, you are ready to clone!

How to fix shaky footage in Adobe Premiere Pro

There is nothing worse than finishing a day of shooting and heading to post-production, only to find that your footage has far more shake to it than expected.

Fear not, this tutorial shows you how you can identify the shaky footage and then stabilize your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In only a couple of simple steps you will be able to rectify the shake in Adobe Premiere Pro.

We hope this article was helpful to you and look forward to seeing you again!