Captivating Video Production Services for Every Project

iFilmThings is your go-to video production company, offering a range of services including music video production, video editing, color grading, and consulting for small budget film projects. Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your vision to life with stunning visuals and compelling storytelling.

Editing Services

Transform your raw footage into a polished narrative with our precision editing services, ensuring every moment is framed to perfection.

Music Videos

Craft a visual realm for your melodies with our tailored music video production, where every beat is translated into captivating imagery.

Color Grading

Infuse every frame with the perfect palette through our expert color grading services, enhancing the mood and storytelling of your visuals.

Elevate Your Narrative with Precision Editing Services

At iFilmThings, we provide premium video editing services that meticulously refine and enhance your visual stories. Our seasoned editors collaborate with you, ensuring every frame resonates with your vision and intention.

Tailored Music Video Production That Speaks Volumes

We excel in crafting music video productions that turn your vision into a visual masterpiece. Our awesome team collaborates closely with you, captivating visuals that not only enthrall your audience but also create a memorable imprint.

Catering to both emerging artists and seasoned musicians, our services are meticulously tailored to accentuate your unique style and talent, ensuring every beat and note finds its visual counterpart.

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Breath Life into Your Visuals with Expert Color Grading

We excel in delivering superior color grading services that elevate the aesthetics and narrative impact of your videos. Our dedicated team immerses in understanding your vision to breathe life and emotion into every frame. Our color grading finesse ensures your videos not only captivate but leave a memorable imprint on your audience.


With a palette of experience, our masterful colorists finely tune the hues and tones to unveil the true potential of your footage, making every frame a visual delight.


Your vision is our blueprint. We foster a collaborative ambiance, ensuring a seamless translation of your ideas into a color-graded masterpiece.

Navigate Your Narrative with Our Filmmaker Consulting Services

We offer tailored consulting services aiming to empower filmmakers, regardless of budget constraints, to vividly bring their narratives to the silver screen. Our seasoned experts provide comprehensive guidance across the entire filmmaking journey, from the embryonic stages of pre-production to the fine-tuning in post-production.

With our cost-effective rates paired with a wealth of industry acumen, we’re here to navigate you through challenges and morph your vision into a cinematic reality.

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Transform Your Vision Into Reality

Contact us today to discuss your video production needs and receive a personalized quote.

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We are headquartered in Vancouver, but also have offices in Victoria BC and Los Angeles California.
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