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We are a collaborative group of filmmakers who want to help filmmakers in any way possible to get their ideas realised. Anyone can break into the film industry and show that there are no barriers.

We want to help you develop as a creative, as a filmmaker and achieve the impossible.

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Character Development
Ultimate Callsheet
Storyboard Template
Shot List Document
Talent Release Form
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A List of Our Favourite Articles

Disney Owns – What Does Disney own?

It’s a question we’re asked ever so often. Read our article on what Disney owns today and explore the franchises they own, the companies Disney owns and revel in the size of the Disney empire. It’s huge! Also who owns Disney

Adobe Premiere Pro

Read our in-depth guide on the best export settings for premiere pro and plenty more essential resources to make sure you master the ins and outs of Premiere Pro. Learn how to import MKV files to Premiere Pro and preview full screen in Premiere Pro. We’ve got you covered!

Frame Sizes and Aspect Ratios

We look at how to change frame sizes in Premiere Pro, how to zoom in premiere pro and how to change aspect ratio in Premiere Pro. Helping you create masterpieces for your social media channels including YouTube.

Learn how to add a title in Premiere Pro and how to remove background noise in Premiere Pro.


We break down what storyboarding is and the best storyboarding software to get you started.


We delve down into screenwriting, and we break down the top screenwriting tips to allow you to advance at screenwriting as quick as possible. We also discuss the top screenwriting books and the best free screenwriting software. Learn how to write a film synopsis and also the best film treatment techniques.


Are you an aspiring actor? If so, read our in-depth guide on acting techniques to ensure you have mastered them all!


All things Loglines! Here we break down logline examples from some of the most iconic movies. Here we break down what a logline is and how you can write one that will sell your film.

Free Transitions in Premiere Pro

Here’s our list of the best free premiere pro transitions. Transitions are an integral part of video editing and these free transitions do not let you down! Here’s how to add a transition in Premiere Pro.  


As well as video editing, we focus heavily on audio editing. We have tutorials on how to fade out audio in premiere pro, how to remove background noise in Premiere Pro and how to remove background noise in Audacity.


Here at iFilmThings we focus on the photography and cinematography aspect. We look at the golden hour, the bokeh effect and the blue hour in detail.


We delve into the depths of lighting in film and look in -depth at high key lighting, low key lighting and hard lighting.

DSLR Cameras
Filmmaking | Pink and Blue Galaxy Gaming Youtube Channel Art 11 1
Post Production
Filmmaking | Pink and Blue Galaxy Gaming Youtube Channel Art 6 1

What is Filmmaking?

Filmmaking is a creative way to tell a story visually. There are many steps to the filmmaking process including the initial concept, planning the story ideas, developing the characters, screenwriting, casting, production, post-production, audio editing and much, much more. 

As a company, here at iFilmThings,  we want to help you as a filmmaker become a much better filmmaker without having to enrol on lots of expensive courses. 

We offer a range of articles, from filmmaking knowledge, “how-to” articles to tutorials and YouTube tutorials to help you become a better filmmaker. 

Please feel free to get in contact with us, with any filmmaking queries or browse our site to get a better insight into filmmaking and broaden your horizon.