How to Adjust Saturation in Premiere Pro [4 SIMPLE STEPS]

When you import your footage into Premiere Pro, you will want to colour correct it and emphasise certain moods and tones. Here we show you how to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro.

Saturation is imperative in post-production to increase or decrease the intensity of the colour in the video. This article looks at what saturation is in terms of video editing and how to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro. 

Let’s get into it. 

What is saturation in video editing?

Saturation in video editing is essentially the intensity of the colours in the image. You can edit the saturation in your video to portray different moods when it comes to saturation. 

For example, if you’re filming a gloomy scene, you will want to dull the saturation by reducing it to give an element of sadness. Increasing the saturation will brighten your video, and reducing it will dull the color of the video. 

We now look at how you can change saturation in Premiere Pro:

How ​​to ​​adjust saturation in Premiere Pro

Here we look at how to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro. To set up Premiere Pro for adjusting color saturation simply:

Here we look at how to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro. Setting up Premiere Pro for adjusting color saturation
  1. Select your clip in the Timeline you wish to adjust and apply the Fast Color Corrector.
  2. To apply the Fast Color Corrector, simply go to Effects and search for it.
  3. Click the triangle in the Effects Control Panel to expand the Fast Color Corrector.
  4. Now use the saturation control to adjust the saturation levels to your preferred amount.
adjust saturation in Premiere Pro | Adjusting saturation using fast color corrector in Premiere Pro

Move the slider to the left to desaturate or to the right to increase saturation.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve with your project, you will want to either decrease or increase the saturation in Premiere Pro. 

To increase saturation, simply slide it to the right, and to decrease, simply slide it to the left.

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Reasons to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro

There are plenty of reasons to adjust the saturation in Premiere Pro; it can be due to creating a certain tone around the video or simply to pull through the colour for a commercial. Either way, there’s a reason. Here are the most common reasons for adjusting saturation: 

  • Bring through colour in your video – perfect for emphasising bright or important colours in your video to make them stand out.
  • Reduce the saturation to bring dull tones to your video – a great way to showcase sadness or misery.

Colour correction in Premiere Pro

Colour correction is a process in which a video editor will process the colouring in the video and give it a natural feel. The ideal is to get to a colour correction that looks as real as if you were to see it through the human eye.

The colour correction stage happens before the colour grading and helps bring the video back to its natural state.

VIdeo on How to Adjust Saturation in Premiere Pro

Here’s a quick video showing you exactly how to adjust your saturation levels within Premiere Pro:

For more tips on color grading and color correction, read our guides on: 

We hope this article on how to adjust saturation in Premiere Pro was useful to you. Let us know in the comments your thoughts, and scroll a little further for more Premiere Pro tutorials.

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