Who are we?

We are a collaborative group of filmmakers who want to help filmmakers in any way possible to get their ideas realised. Anyone can break into the film industry and show that there are no barriers. We want to help you develop as a creative, as a filmmaker and achieve the impossible. 

Each week we release tutorials and articles to help you improve as a filmmaker and achieve everything you imagined and more.

Meet Our Team

Jay Neill - Lead Editor of iFilmThings.com

Jay Neill

Managing Editor

Jay Neill is the founder, owner, and managing editor of iFilmThings.com

Jay believes everyone should have access to the film resources they need to plan their filmmaking project, which is why he’s dedicated iFilmThings to helping all filmmakers.
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Ashleigh Coffelt

Contributing Editor

Ashleigh Coffelt is a Filipina American director and cinematographer based in Los Angeles. As the child of a first-generation Filipina immigrant, she went on to study psychology and business, earning her BS in Psychology, Business & Electronic Media and Film from Towson University.

Ashleigh has gone on to be a Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab Semi-Finalist, and has been awarded numerous awards, including “I For I” (director, cinematographer), winner of Best Director at Festival de Cannes with the Creative Mind Group & RAW: Baltimore Filmmaker of the Year.

Ashleigh’s stories focus on her experiences, combining an array of themes, including identity, relationships & psychology. She is currently in the development of a feature film tackling mental illness portrayals as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure episodic series for the streaming platform, Twitch.

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Courtney Birk - Contributing Editor to iFilmThings.com

Courtney Birk

Contributing Editor

Courtney Birk is an actress and colorist based in Los Angeles. She has a knack for the arts, which led her to filmmaking on all sides of production.

Courtney has won numerous acting awards, such as Best Performance in “I For I” at Festival De Cannes with the Creative Mind Group, and “Best Performance” at the Adrenaline Film Festival. Her stories are centered around identity and the human condition, not only through acting but also through color grading. Collaborating with other filmmakers to enrich storytelling from multiple perspectives is important to her.

Courtney hopes to continue being a part of the filmmaking conversation, educating and inspiring younger filmmakers to pursue their dreams.

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