Free Guy was finally released in August 2021 after a few hiccups. This is a fun, light-hearted movie that relies heavily on visual effects and animation. The actor who plays the main character is perfect for this role. So where was Free Guy filmed? Not everything is computerized. There are actual filming locations for this movie. But let’s check out the story first.

Where Was Free Guy Filmed

Where Was Free Guy Filmed?

Free guy was filmed in three main locations: Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; and Vancouver, British Columbia. The majority of the film was shot on location in Boston with a few scenes being shot in LA and Vancouver. 

Filming began in August 2019 and wrapped up November of that year. Scenes were also filmed at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and at the Fox Studio Lot in Los Angeles. The cast and crew endured hot summer temperatures, rain showers, and a snow flurry to complete the film.

And let’s not forget that there were a lot of visual effects and animation in this movie as well. 

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Full List of Free Guy Filming Locations

  1. Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
  2. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  3. Revere, Massachusetts, USA
  4. Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA
  5. 74 Concord St., Framingham, Massachusetts, USA (Bank)
  6. Paramount Studios – 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (Additional photography)
  7. Liberty Square, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (bank exterior)
  8. Post Office Square, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (street scenes)
  9. Fan Pier Park, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (ice cream scene)
  10. Revere Beach, Revere, Massachusetts, USA (beach scenes)
  11. 606 Congress St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (Antwan’s office was filmed in the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, with Seaport World Trade Center Boston visible out the window)
  12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA (Point Park & Downtown)
  13. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  14. Los Angeles, California, USA
  15. California, USA
  16. Framingham, Massachusetts, USA
  17. Vancouver, BC Canada

What was Free Guy All About?

Free Guy is an action-adventure comedy starring Ryan Reynolds as a non-player character (NPC) in an open world video game. After realizing the world he lives in is just a game, he comes up with a plan to take control of his destiny and save the day. He teams up with an unlikely ally, a mysterious stranger played by Jodie Comer, to save the world. Along the way they encounter a motley crew of characters and face off against Antoine, a powerful villain.

The Cast

The Free Guy cast is led by Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the main character.

Other main actors include:

  • Jodie Comer
  • Taika Waititi
  • Joe Keery
  • Lil Rel Howery
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar
  • and Camille Kostek.

The film also features some cameo appearances including Jake Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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The Director

Shawn Levy directed Free Guy. His previous works include the hit Netflix series Stranger Things and Night at the Museum movies. He also produced Real Steel, Date Night, and Cheaper by the Dozen. With his impressive background in comedy, he was the perfect choice for directing this out-of-the-box action-comedy.

Did Free Guy Receive Any Awards? 

Yes, Free Guy was nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score. The visual effects were nothing short of spectacular and the original score by Christopher Lennertz and Henry Jackman was a great addition to the movie. 

In addition, Free Guy was also nominated for six Saturn Awards including Best Science Fiction Film Release and Best Actor for Ryan Reynolds. Though it didn’t win any awards, the nominations prove that Free Guy was a hit with audiences and critics alike.

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Box Office Details

  • Free Guy Film Budget: $120,000,000
  • Opening weekend: $28,365,416
  • Gross (US & Canada): $121,626,598
  • Gross (World): $331,526,598

Fun Facts

  • Ryan Reynolds chose the soundtrack.
  • Joe Keery, who plays the genius video game developer Keys, says that he was very nervous acting alongside Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans. 
  • Ryan Reynolds changed up the character he was playing. Originally, the character, Guy, was written as cynical. Reynolds changed him to be hopelessly optimistic. 
  • Reynolds is also responsible for adding the ‘Dude’ character to the movie.
  • The movie was inspired by the popular game Grand Theft Auto.
  • Director Shawn Levy, finished filming Free Guy in only 6 months.
  • Ryan Reynolds wore a special suit so he could appear onscreen as a computer-generated character.
  • There were over 5,000 extras used in one of the movie’s scenes.
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Final Thoughts

Being a New Englander myself, I have to say that I love Boston. It’s such a fun city to explore any time of year. Yes, it’s my personal and biased opinion. It’s a beautiful city no matter what time of year you visit. But, be warned. Winter weather can be quite severe. Frigid temperatures and snow is typical in winter months. 

Have you ever been to Boston? What did you think of the city?

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  1. Really enjoyed reading through the list of filming locations for Free Guy! It’s always fascinating to see where movies are brought to life, especially when they manage to turn familiar cities into parts of their unique universe. Kudos to Alanna Birmingham for putting this together – making me want to plan a trip to some of these spots!

  2. was wondering about the box office details for free guy. did it do well compared to other flicks released around the same time? kinda curious how it stacked up, considering the pandemic n all.

  3. The cast list of Free Guy is like a who’s who of comedy and action stars. Ryan Reynolds really brought his A-game, but let’s not overlook the supporting cast – they added so much depth and humor.

    1. Agreed on the cast’s impact, Terry. However, I’d argue that the script’s originality deserves equal if not more credit. Without solid writing, even the best actors can fall flat.

  4. those fun facts about Free Guy were legit interesting. didn’t know half of them, makes me appreciate the movie even more!

  5. While I find the exploration of Free Guy’s filming locations compelling, I think focusing on the innovative use of CGI and the implications for future filmmaking would have added depth to the discussion. It’s evident that the blend of real-world settings and digital enhancements is a noteworthy trend.

  6. Did Free Guy receive any awards specifically for its visual effects or technical achievements? Given the significant advances in digital technology, movies like these push the boundaries and set new standards for what’s possible in storytelling.

  7. Absolutely loved Free Guy, had a blast watching it. Great to see it getting some love in articles like this one!