Alanna Birmingham

Where Was Ozark Filmed?

The popular Netflix series Ozark ticks all the boxes when it comes to drama, intrigue, violence, questionable morals, and more. Where was Ozark filmed? The name implies that it’s filmed in Missouri but it’s not.

Where Was Gilmore Girls Filmed?

The Gilmore Girls graced TV screens from 2000 to 2007. It was a great show for moms and their daughters to watch together. It may take place in a little town but that little town wasn’t where you might think it is. So just where was Gilmore Girls filmed? Hopefully, you won’t be disappointed with the answer.

Where Was The Summer I Turned Pretty Filmed

If you have teens, chances are you’ve heard them talk about this Amazon Prime Video Series. It’s a heartwarming program that splashed onscreen in June 2022. It’s a story about teen love in the summer. But where was The Summer I Turned Pretty filmed? Let’s get started. 

Where Was Twilight Filmed: 3 Film Location Secrets of the Twilight Saga

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the Twilight series of movies and books. Twilight was the first movie of the series and it was released in 2008. During that time, it started a frenzy among teens who were buying up the book series to satisfy their appetites in between movie releases. But where was Twilight filmed? It took a few different locations to create this film.  Let’s get started with the story of Twilight.