Prey is the latest installment in the Predator series of films. So if you have kept up with the movie franchise, this one was probably on your list of films to see. Prey is actually a prequel to the first four Predator movies and is set in the Northern Great Plains in 1719. But where was Prey filmed? It looks like it was filmed in the midwest but that’s not actually where it was filmed. Before I get into the storyline, let’s look at where exactly Prey was filmed. 

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Where Was Prey Filmed?

The Prey filming locations were mainly in the Stoney Nakoda Nation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2021. Additional locations include Moose Mountain, Elbow River, and other locations around Calgary. 

Filming took place in July 2021. The shooting locations provided amazing landscapes that provided enough light to reduce the use of special lighting techniques

What was Prey All About?

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Prey Filming Location on the Stoney Nakoda Nation

The story is about the Comanche Indian tribe in the early 1700’s. Naru, a young warrior, is eager to establish herself as a great hunter like her brother, Taabe. Her hunting skills are tested when she discovers an alien being that hunts humans for sport.

There are French hunters living in the area as well. When they check their traps, they find Naru stuck in one of the traps. They capture her and cage her. Through an interpreter they try to question Naru about the alien that they encountered before. But Naru won’t talk. The Frenchmen torture Taabe who is also being held captive. They then use both of them to bait the Predator. The Predator and the humans are both the hunter and the hunted.

As a Predator fan, I thought this film was just OK. The visuals and action are there, but if you are looking for any meaningful storyline – don’t expect too much.

Who Was In The Cast of Prey?

The main cast included Amber Midthunder (Naru), Dakota Beavers (Taabe), Dane DiLiegro (Predator), Stormee Kipp (Wasape), Michell Thrush (Aruka), Julian Black Antelope (Chief Kehetu), Stefany Mathias (Sumu), Bennett Taylor (Raphael), Mike Paterson (Big Beard), and Nelson Leis (Waxed Mustache). 

Who Directed Prey? 

Prey was directed by Dan Trachtenberg and written by Patrick Aison. He is best known for directing 10 Cloverfield Land in 2016. He’s also directed commercials for Nike, Lexus, and Coca-Cola. He’s produced three short films: More Than You Can Chew, Warframe, and Portal: No Escape.

Where Was Prey Filmed - Amber Midthunder

Technical Information

The film runs for 140 minutes in Dolby Atmos sound. The camera used was an Arri Alexa Mini LF using an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 and Cooke Anamorphic/full frame plus lenses. It was printed in UHD and distributed by Hulu.

Box Office Details for Prey

Details are still scarce for initial release financials, but in the meantime here are the financials for Prey.

  • Budget: $65,000,000

Did Prey Receive Any Awards? 

The budget for Prey was $65 million. It’s been nominated for the Critic’s Choice Awards for Best Movie Made for Television. Amber Midhunter has been nominated for Best Actress in a Limited Series or Movie Made for Television. 

Fun Facts About the Prey Movie

The  English-Indian version was released by Hulu. But there’s also another version that was completely done in the Comanche Indian language. 

The movie takes place in the Northern Great Plains. But the Comanche tribe never lived there. The tribe was located in Texas, New Mexico, and the southern part of Kansas.

The original name of the film was Skulls which eventually became a codename. 

The producer of the film was Jhane Myers, a member of the Comanche Nation and the Blackfeet Nation.

The dog, Sarii, was adopted and trained specifically for the movie.

Both the Indian and English language versions of the movie are available on Hulu and Disney+.

What is Calgary Famous For?

Calgary is famous for Berta beef, the 1988 Winter Olympics, the Calgary Stampede, “Cowtown” (Calgary’s nickname), and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. It’s known as the cleanest city in the world. It’s also known for its corn, oil, and gas production. 

Calgary is a thriving city with a solid cowboy culture. The Calgary Stampede takes place every year and holds one of the biggest rodeos in the world. 

The Calgary Flames are Calgary’s professional hockey team. 

Unique Places in Calgary 

For those of you looking for a different vacation experience, here are a few unique places to check out in Calgary:

Things to Do in Calgary 

If you are traveling with a large group or have children, here are a few things to do that everyone will enjoy.

  • Calgary Zoo
  • Calgary Tower
  • Prince Island Park
  • Calgary Stampede

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any Comanche still exist?

The Comanche tribe currently has approximately 17,000 enrolled tribal members.

Where are the filming locations for Prey?

Ninety-nine percent of the film was shot in Calgary, Canada. Only 1% of the film was shot on a soundstage. 

What is the dog breed in Prey?

The dog breed is an American Dingo also known as a Carolina dog.

Final Thoughts

Calgary is considered one of the more affordable cities to visit in Canada in comparison to other Canadian cities. The best time to visit is from late May to early October. This time period will give you the warmest weather. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 62oF which is still quite pleasant.

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Have you ever been to Calgary and seen the Prey filming locations? What was your experience like? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Just read the part where you talked about where Prey was filmed, and it got me thinking, how much do you think the location added to the overall feel of the movie? Like, do you think choosing Calgary over another location made a big difference? Calgary’s landscapes are amazing but just curious about your take, Jay.

  2. I was really drawn to the way Prey incorporates historical elements into its storyline. The portrayal of the Comanche culture was especially fascinating. Makes you appreciate the depth of research that must have gone into the script. Great coverage on this aspect!

  3. I’ve seen quite a few opinions on the casting choices for Prey, and while I agree with most of your points, I think there’s room for a little debate. The cast brought fresh faces and did justice to their roles, but do you think bigger names would have shifted the film’s reception, or was the existing ensemble the perfect fit?

  4. Enjoyed your insights on Calgary’s unique places. As someone who loves photography, I find the landscape and architecture captivating. Could you recommend the best time of year to visit for those kind of shots? Does winter add a more dramatic effect, or is summer better for the colors?

  5. The technical information section really highlighted what goes into making a movie like Prey visually stunning. It’s amazing how camera work and sound design can totally transform a scene.

  6. Loved seeing a shoutout to movies filmed in Canada! It’s a testament to how versatile and beautiful our country is. Always proud when Canada plays a role in bringing big screen stories to life.

  7. Regarding the box office details for Prey, it’s fascinating to analyze the correlation between critical reception and financial success. Does the data suggest that critically acclaimed films are becoming more commercially viable, or is Prey an exception to the rule?

    1. That’s an insightful perspective, Jasmine. Do you think that streaming services’ data should also be considered when analyzing a film’s success nowadays?

    2. Absolutely, Leo. Streaming services have significantly altered how success is measured. Box office numbers are just one piece of the puzzle now.