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How to create a text template in Premiere Pro

When creating a web series or a tv series where you’ll have multiple episodes, there’s no need to recreate the title sequences each time. You can simply save your title sequences in Premiere Pro as a template, so you can simply plug in the template after every episode. Creating a text template in Premiere Pro will immediately save you a lot of time and effort. 

Here’s how you can create a text template in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

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What is a template in Adobe Premiere Pro?

A template in Premiere Pro is essentially a previously built out design that you save and can import into multiple projects. For instance, with this tutorial, it’s around the text templates in Premiere Pro. 

This is where you create a text template in premiere pro to create the credits and starting title. If you’re working on a web series or a TV series, even a YouTube series where there will be more than one episode, the text template comes into play. 

The text template in Premiere Pro will essentially let you import into each individual series edit, saving you a lot of time and effort when editing each episode. 

You can just drop the text template into the edit, and you’re already there; the titles and the credits are already finished in a matter of seconds. 

Let’s check out below “How to create a text template in Adobe Premiere Pro”

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How to create a text template in Adobe Premiere Pro

Here’s the good stuff. Here is how you can create a text template in Adobe Premiere Pro with ease and efficiency. 

Firstly, boot up Premiere Pro and once loaded, got to the Premiere Pro Menu and select: 

Window > Essential Graphics.

How to create a text template in Premiere Pro

You can now create your title within the text box to suit your font and styling for your film. Once you have created the titled and added the necessary decoration, it’s time to save it so you can use it once again.  

How to create a text template in Premiere Pro

To save your text template in Premiere Pro simply, select File > Export > Motion Graphics Template.

How to create a text template in Premiere Pro

Next you can give your template a name, and make sure it’s something that makes sense to you so when you need to access it, it’s a simple search.

Make sure you choose a folder on your PC/Mac to save the template to. It will probably suggest to save it to the default Local Templates Folder. Keep it there!

Now you can find it within the browse feature of the Essential Graphics panel.

How to create a text template in Premiere Pro

Select Include a Video Thumbnail. This will help you spot your title easier.

Now when you need the title for the next few episodes of your tv or web series, you’ll have a pre-made title all ready and waiting for you—making it a much more efficient and smooth process in post-production. 

To select it, simply click on the “Templates” button within essential graphics and then click on the name of your title within the presets menu to re-use your title, over and over again.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments on this article and for more Premiere Pro resources and tutorials, simply scroll below. 

Happy editing!

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