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16 Must-Have Free Transitions in Premiere Pro

Finding free transitions in Premiere Pro isn’t hard, but finding quality free transitions is extremely difficult. As a beginner filmmaker or a filmmaker on a budget, you don’t want to be spending extortionate amounts of money on transitions, upgrades, and other bits and bobs, as it all adds up. 

And it adds up quickly!

That’s why we have gone out there and tried and tested many free transitions in Premiere Pro to see what was trash and which transitions are incredible. 

In this article, we will look at what a transition is, how you can add a transition in Premiere Pro and finally what the best free transitions are out there. 

Let’s dig into it!

What is a film transition?

Free transitions

A film transition is a technique that video editors use to combine two shots so the seamless transition into one another. There are thousands of different transitions but you’ll find most are the dissolve or normal cut transitions. 

You’ll find the more exuberant transitions used in vlogs or travel videos. In a movie, a more intricate transition maybe used to emphasis an essential part of the film to subconsciously tell the audience that it’s integral to the storyline. 

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How to add a transition in Premiere Pro

Transitions in Premiere Pro can be added in a few simple steps. 

  1. Choose your transition in Premiere Pro in the effects panel.
  2. On the Mac press Command+D to apply the default video transition. 
  3. To apply the default video transition on Windows press Control+D.
  4. Applying the default audio transition is simple. 
  5. For Mac click Shift+Command+D. 
  6. For Windows, press Shift+Control+D.
  7. To apply both video and audio transitions to the clip, simply press Shift + D on both systems (Mac and Windows).

Read our article below on how you add transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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The best free transitions in Premiere Pro

Here it is, the blockbuster! It’s what you have been waiting for. Let’s have a look at the best free transitions in Premiere Pro. We’ve broken down our favourite free transitions, tried and tested, so you don’t have to. 

Take a look at them below!

Free Smooth Premiere Pro Transitions by Pixel Samy

Yep, Pixel Samy has featured for us before, and he doesn’t disappoint. This pack of smooth transitions is of the highest quality, especially for something free of charge. 

These seamless transitions from one clip to another are perfect for any travel vlogs and YouTube channels. These free transitions bring an air of grace and excitement to your video footage – it can be the difference between good to great.  

Austin Newman – Travel Film Transition Pack

This is the perfect transition pack for travel films and vlogs in general. These are great transitions that include quick zoom, luma fade, smooth spin, and smooth warp. 

They are free video transitions that stand high above the rest. The quality of them are incredible, and the subtle tweaks to take a somewhat basic transition, to one of quality and awe is what separates Austin Newman from the rest.

The quick zoom is an excellent transition to emphasis the start of something. For example, you’ll see a lot of travel vloggers filming through the airplane window and seamlessly transitioning through the window to landing at their destination. 

They use the quick zoom to emphasise the change. Austin offers an insanely smooth, seamless transition pack that will light up your videos. 

Epic Tremble Transition Pack

The epic Tremble Transition pack is insanely good, the quality of the transition is impeccable. You add it inbetween the two clips and it creates a cool ripple effect from one scene to another. 

This would be best used if someone was drifting off to sleep, or a potential flashback moment. A happy moment as opposed to a sad/scary moment. The transition emphasises the cut and is not to be sniffed at. 

Check out this free transition for Adobe Premiere Pro today!

Music Video Transition Preset

This is the perfect transition for a music video. It’s cool, sleek and has a clean transition from shot to shot – perfect for a music video. 

It’s easy to implement and makes a huge difference to the production quality of your music video, don’t miss out! Check this free Premiere Pro transition out here.

Smooth Transition Pack by Orange83

This free transitions pack for Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best by Orange83. It’s ideal for anyone who’s looking to shoot a short film, a feature film, a travel film… Basically, everyone.

The transitions created by Orange83 are easy to implement, they’re smooth and they are of the highest quality. What transitions come in this pack? 

  • Smooth Slide 
  • Spin 
  • Wipe 
  • Whipe 
  • Zoom

Check them out today here. If you are new to filmmaking and need help in adding these transitions, read the article below. 

Here is our step by step guide on how to add transitions in Premiere Pro.

Chung Dha – Action Swipe Transitions

Chung Dha is a filmmaking genius, and this swipe transition is insane. It’s the perfect transition for an intro to an action movie or a travel vlog. 

A clean, interesting transition that will add value top your film. Check it out today!

Mixkit – Static Transition

A simple, but effective free transition by the guys at MixKit. Their static transition is effortless, but provides you with a lot of intrigue and tension.

I can imagine a transition of this quality being used in Black Mirror, it’s that good! It’s a simple digital distortion between two clips, you can even use it as a glitch or a way to emphasise the storyline. Whatever you use this free Premiere Pro preset for, it will definitely add to the quality of your production.

If your making a sci-fi thriller this is the transition for you. Don’t miss out.

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Orange83 – Smooth, clean Grid wall zoom transition

Another insanely good transition pack by the guys at Orange83. The smooth grid wall transitions used mainly in commercial videos, but occasionally we’ve seen it in film to emphasise a group call or concurrent events. 

Here Orange83 show you through step by step on how to implement this transition, it really is simple, clean and effective. 

 LXXIV – Transitions V1

These presets are easy to implement, and add a twist with alternating the speed. These fresh transitions will add an extra dimension to your film. Perfect for vloggers and travel videos to add intrigue from shot to shot. 

Check out the free transition here.

16 Circle Transitions by PremiumBeat

These transitions are insanely good by PremiumBeat, and you guessed it, they’re completely free! 

These transitions are perfect for sports films and travel commercials. Sleek, cool and easy on the eye. Have a look at them today especially if you’re looking to create a commercial. These free transitions in Premiere Pro will work incredibly well and bring your footage to life.

Birge Media – Seamless Transitions Presets

Birge media’s seamless transitions pack is one of our favourites. They’re of the highest quality and look effortless as you move from shot to shot. They recommend adding a warp fade or an RGB split to get the best out of the transitions in Premiere Pro.

The pack of transitions include 3 sets of transitions and 2 miscellaneous presets.

Check them out here.

Rolling Light Leak Transition by BJK Productions

This is an unusual one, but it’s incredibly effective. The rolling light leak transition is an intricate transition that’s effortlessly smooth. 

It is the ideal transition to slowly leak light as you cross into your next shot. Perfect for travel vloggers and sci-fi films. BJK Productions takes you through an indepth tutorial so you can implement this free transition with precision and ease. 

TRANS – 30 Premiere Pro Transitions

Cool, smooth and effortless. These are three words to describe these incredible free transitions in Premiere Pro.

These presets can be used in a variety of projects. From short films to commercial, CineCon has got you covered. The rolling glitch transition is one of our favourites. It adds suspense whilst transitioning from clip to clip smoothly.

This is perfect for anyone looking to add tension top a key part of the movie, allowing the audience to follow the story well and stay engaged. A couple of other transitions to note are:

  • Light Burst Transition
  • Rolling Distort Transition
  • Heavy Light Leak Transition

Check out this free transition pack for Premiere Pro out today – trust us, it’s worth it!

Tyler – Dynamic Adobe Premiere Transitions

This Premiere Pro template contains 15 strobe transitions that will emphasise and illuminate your transitions in Premiere Pro. 

It’s an easy to use template that will bring you instant quality and doesn’t require any plugins whatsoever. These will add another dimension to your edits and provide you with a quality finish. 

Download Tylers “Dynamic Adobe Premiere Pro Trainsitions” here.

10 FREE Track Matte Transitions

These are the perfect transitions for a commercial. They look slick and add another dimension to your footage. 

Josh takes you through step by step on how tyo utilise these to the best of your ability, download them today and get started on your latest project!

5 Free Swish Transitions by Motion Array

These are cool transitions. They’re easy to implement but give you a unique transition that will make your video stand out. Motion Array are a formidable force in the video editing space and their transitions follow suit. 

They really add a dynamism to your video, and help you transition from shot to shot in style, check them out here.

We hope this article was of help to you. Let us know your thoughts down below in the comment section. Why not check out some more of our Adobe Premiere Pro articles below!

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