Transitions are an integral part of an editor’s post-production arsenal. They can really separate the good from the great and you want to have something that not only fits with the style of your film but also works smoothly, the best are usually the ones that are discreet but captivate – today we will go through the top transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Top 11 Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

No one wants the audience to become unengaged by a random ill-fitted transition, they want them to be gripped and in awe of the movie.

In today’s article, we will navigate the top transitions in Premiere Pro for you!

What are film transitions?

A film transition is a technique in which the editor in post-production combines two separate scenes or shots – this helps to seamlessly move from the end of one, and into the start of the next scene/shot.

Why should we use transitions?

Using transitions is an integral part of filmmaking. When using transitions in film, you usually use a simple cut but if there is a poignant moment of the film or episode you may want to use a more complex transition to emphasize the importance of the moment.

The transition could be used when there’s a twist in the story or a build-up to an important moment.

How to add a transition in Adobe Premiere Pro

Applying a new transition in Premiere Pro is simple and straightforward. Here is our guide on how to add a transition in Adobe Premiere Pro with ease and simplicity.

Read our guide here: How to add transitions in Premiere Pro

Here are the top 11 transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro:

Okay, we are moving into the good stuff, the juicy parts. Here we look into some cool Premiere Pro transitions that can be used for your travel films, your short films, feature-length and episodic, basically, you can use them in anything you create, just make sure it suits your project.

We will look at free Premiere Pro transitions as well as some of the paid packs that bring a lot of life to your film.

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Travel pack transitions

This is a free Premiere Pro transitions pack, although primarily aimed at travel videos – these transitions have a purpose for a lot of filmmaking genres, including Vlogging and commercials.

Austin Newman’s transition pack is great for transitions whilst shooting in a packed city, or for some rural sequences to help build up your travel video portfolio, and the best thing is Austin has allowed you to download and use these for free.

Simply click Effects > Presets > Import Preset and you’ll have access to these immediately – remember you’ll need to prepare the shots ready for the transition before applying them, so if you’re new to this quickly watch Austin’s tutorial here.

What’s included in the pack?

  • Luma Fade (in & out)
  • Quick Zoom w/ Motion Blur (in & out)
  • Smooth Spin W/ Motion Blur
  • Smooth Warp Transition

Cost: Free

Ultimate Glitch Pack: Transitions, Titles, Logo Reveals, SoundFX

This is one of our favourites, mainly because we love the glitch effect transitions – these can be applied to all sorts of genres and really do captivate your audience and build suspense.

What’s included in the pack?

  • 50 Media Placeholders
  • 10 Text Placeholders

Cost: $45

Handy Seamless Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro

Pixel Samy has created an intuitive and impressive transition pack here, they’re exactly what they say in the title, they’re seamless, easy to use, and look clean. The element of colour distortion they produce helps you to add a little more depth to your project. It is truly among the easy transitions Premiere Pro has to offer.

Thou they are a little harder to use, but it will take you no time to master it and the results are insane.

It involves using multiple layers but Samy has you covered, watch his tutorial here to help you master this transition.

Cost: Subscribing to Pixel Samy on YouTube.

Film Crux, 24 FREE transitions

Film Crux has given us not one, but TWENTY FOUR free transitions for Premiere Pro and they are of the highest quality, and Film Crux has provided a free tutorial to ensure you use them to the fullest.

These are a great option for social media content creation as well as suited to travel vlogs and to be honest a couple of them would suit a short film, especially if you were looking to emphasise a key scene.

We highly recommend this pack, the quality’s insane, and usability is pretty straightforward.

Cost: Free

Adobe Premiere Pro 10 Freeze Frame Transitions

These next transitions are excellent for a cool music video or a zany commercial, they’re pretty simple to fit together as well.

Take the two clips you wish to use in the transition and create a frame hold over the first clip then duplicate it and pull across the second clip. Now take the crop effect and place it onto your freeze frame and crop out the object/person in the freeze-frame. It will delete the object/person but you can retrieve this by using the “invert” button.

They duplicate the above and added it onto the “V3” strand. This is when the transitions come in, you can now use these when you import the presets and you are away ready to use these incredible transitions.

Play around with the image settings, but you’ll come to a cool balance and have some insane transitions to show off to your friends.

Cost: Donation

Premiere Pro Slice Transitions

Clean, clear, and captivating. If you’re looking to film a new shoot for a product of yours or have a travel vlog that needs a little uplift, these transitions will fit right in.

The slice transitions are easy to use and implement within Adobe Premiere Pro, check out the slice transitions overview here.

Cost: $16

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Smooth Spin Blur Rotation Transition

This comes with 40+ creative video effects and transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro, and they are simply insane. We’d definitely recommend these for travel videos and Vlogs, Justin’s transitions, and simply incredible and provide you with interesting effects to really keep the viewer hooked.

They come with a number of features, including flash frame and hue shift just to name a couple.

Cost: $49.99

The YouTube Essentials Pack

For all, you YouTuber out there, and anyone whos looking to start a channel, this transition pack is one for you. This is a motion graphics template that contains all of the key templates you’ll need as a YouTuber: info bars, transitions, openers, elements, previews, lower thirds.

Check out the key features in action here.

Key features:

  • Motion Graphics Template (.mogrt)
  • Install the .MOGRT into the Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018
  • Full-colour Control

Cost: $39


Screenshot 2020-07-20 at 20.38.46

This is a really modern transition pack, filled with colour and cool shapes, an essential for commercial editing. It would also pair well with modern travel vloggers and anyone looking to edit commercials for travel. It is one of the easy transitions Premiere Pro has to offer.

Key Features:

  • A motion graphics template (.mogrt) file that can be installed in Premiere Pro
  • Essential graphics panel (Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • 4k Resolution
  • 30 frames per second
  • Full Controls (Colour controls)

Cost: $14

Glitch & Distortion Presets for Premiere Pro

The Glitch and Distortion pack by Cinecon is completely free. The effects are insane, easy to implement and look incredible. Cinecon has really nailed this preset transition pack, perfect for indie filmmakers looking to create a low budget sci-fi.

Cost: FREE.

Video Hive – Premiere Pro Transition Templates

We’ve included Video Hive in this list as it has 100’s of transitions in Premiere Pro and they are all up there with the best. The quality of each transition pack is incredible. The great thing is, you can browse and preview until you find the best transition for your project.

Cost: Price varies on transitions.

We hope this article on “The Top 11 Transitions in Premiere Pro” was helpful to you. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought and For more filmmaking articles check out some of our favourites below.