This article discusses the best video editing software recommended by editors, creatives, general users, photographers, and filmmaking experts.

best video editing software out there

In 2023, video editing software will be used by various people, from video editors to YouTubers to content creators – and there’s plenty of video editing software out there to choose from. But which is the best video editing software for you? 

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. We have a range of views and opinions to help you decide which ones are for you. 

Let’s check out the best video editing software in 2023.

The best video editing software 2023

Here’s a breakdown of the best video editing software in 2023. From Premiere Pro to Hyperlapse, we have it all.

Let’s check out the best video editing software below.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is our favourite here at iFilmThings. It’s one of the best video editing software out there. Premiere Pro is an industry-standard video editing software that has an easy to use layout, a huge arsenal of tools and produces high-quality final footage.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike. Premiere Pro allows you to color grade and color correct to the highest possible standard. Allowing you to subscribe to a monthly subscription means you don;’t have to fork out a large fee on upgrades everytime.

Some of our favourite aspects of Premiere Pro are:

  • Great workspace layout
  • High quality export controls
  • Highest quality keyframe technology
  • Simple to use
  • ProRes RAW support
  • Easy team collaboration

For some in-depth Premiere Pro tutorials, click here.


Joe Troyer from ReviewGrower recommends Hyperlapse. 

Hyperlapse is one of the best video editing apps, in my view. Instagram developed Hyperlapse, an app that compresses films into short, hyper-speed clips that can be shared on the social media platform’s platform. 

There are a few different speeds to pick from, and the app will display how long a hyperlapse film will be based on the length of the video in real-time. If you want to capture a fleeting moment, like a sunset or an event setup, this is an excellent technique.

Wondershare Filmora X

Patrick Sinclair from All home robotics. It’s called Wondershare Filmora X. This is a really quick and painless video editor with such a simple and intuitive interface that anyone looking at it for the first time could figure it out within minutes. 

Every element of the screen is clearly defined, and its purpose is obvious from the get-go. It also packs many powerful features and effects, which will serve you well in your quest to put together the perfect video.

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Nick Hodge – Daily Profit Cycle: In my opinion, InShot is the best video editing app. nShot, is a simple video editing program that allows you to trim, speed up, or add music and filters to your footage. It’s quite simple, yet that makes it very accessible. 

Background can be added if desired. However, we prefer the idea of overlapping images, as seen in the movie above. If you’re a newbie or a marketer who doesn’t have much spare time to devote to video editing, this is the tool for you. Optional royalty-free music can be found in the built-in library.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is an all-in-one software tool that is incredibly intuitive and of the highest quality out there. It provides you with editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and an audio post-production platform. 

For an in-depth look at DaVinci Resolve to understand the software 

Adobe Premiere Pro system requirements


Kate Zhang, Founder of Katebackdrop, recommends Filmr. Filmr is what I use to edit the videos I post on social media. You can get Films for free from the Play Store.

Filmr is an Android and iOS video editing app. It’s simple, fast, and intuitive for new and experienced video creators. In order to make a simple video look nice, you can apply transitions, effects and filters to it. With Filmr, you’ll be able to produce high-quality videos at lightning speed.


Breaking Mucle founder Robert Zeglinski.

My personal favourite video-editing application is WeVideo. The popularity of cloud-based video editing tools is increasing. 

WeVideo is one of the programs that is spearheading the charge. Allows you to alter audio, access a music library with commercially licensed tracks, and share 4K films. There are, however, some limits to the free edition of WeVideo. 

Ten gigabytes of online storage is a huge drawback. This is fine if you’re making a one-off video. More room is required if you’re going to be editing several videos. WeVideo watermarks your films in the free version, which isn’t ideal.


VSDC is a great video editing app for Windows users because it’s free to use without watermarks and has a good range of filters. Additionally, its interface is relatively easy to use, which makes it a good option for beginner editors. 

However, it does have some limitations – such as the fact that it only supports windows – so keep that in mind if you’re looking for an editor that will work on multiple platforms.

Review by Michael Kim, Evcharger Reviews.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Joe Smith from Market Media Connect recommends Corel VideoStudio Ultimate. Starting at $80, Corel’s VideoStudio ultimate is relatively well-priced for software that is so intuitive and feature-laden. Video editing feels like a breeze, and it also sports the additional features of Stop Motion and Motion Tracking.

Great overall video-editing software.

Final Cut Pro 

Erin Neumann at Be Aligned Web Design recommends Final Cut Pro. The best video editing software would be Apple’s Final Cut Pro. This software is the ideal choice for TV and movie technical departments. The software is better than other options available in the market as it has a one-time subscription model, and you don’t need to make repeated payments.

Final Cut Pro has a Magnetic Timeline, grouping tools that allow you to add or edit a video instantly. The software integrates well with Apple’s internal systems, such as iTunes and Photos, making a designer’s job much easier. 

The key features that make it stand out from the other options available would be multi-cam editing and intelligent color balancing feature.


Jim Costa a photographer, video producer and YouTuber and recommends GoPro’s Quik. The Quik App is a video editing app by GoPro. It is most often associated with GoPro shooting, but you can edit any footage with it. 

The app is compatible with ios Devices running iOS 13 or newer, Android devices running Android 9.0 or later with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and with 360-degree media from GoPro MAX or Fusion but check compatibility as there are some limitations. 

To take full advantage of all the program’s features, I recommend getting the paid version and paying in full for a full year to get the best discount.

The app allows for live streaming directly from a GoPro and includes cloud storage of your footage. Also included are IG style filters (25 in total) and 18 royalty-free soundtracks to prevent de-monetization on platforms such as YouTube.

The recently added feature “Mural” turns your best moments into animated showreels. It allows you to incorporate both photos and videos.

The app will also allow you to control your GoPro remotely, and it includes some unique features, including the application of graphs and gauges to show speed, GPS path, elevation gain, and more while shooting videos such as snowboarding, skydiving, surfing, etc.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Elisa Bender, Co-founder RevenueGeeks recommends Adobe Premiere Rush. When it comes to video editing apps, I don’t think there’s any available in the market better than Adobe Premiere Rush. 

It doesn’t even matter whether you’re an IOS or Android user. This app offers incredible functionality regardless of which platform you use it on. The interface is very simple, offering large icons and panels that make it straightforward for standard video editing tasks like color correction, title addition and transitions.

The focus of Adobe Premiere Rush is to help your process clips quickly to upload them to social media. For instance, it automatically converts your videos to specific aspect ratios and quality levels required by each platform. 

Moreover, you can easily use its intuitive drag-and-drop feature to add your required footage into a video and also mix in music or voiceovers.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Sam Shepler from Testimonial Hero recommends Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. Definitely, one of the most versatile and comprehensive good video editing software you can buy today. 

Due to the many advanced features that PowerDirector offers, such as audio positioning, video stabilizer, AI motion tracking, video correction tools, multi-cam editing, etc., it’s safe to say that this software appeals to more seasoned editors and filmmakers; however, it’s still easy to use and dominate tool for beginners by learning through tutorials.

The subscription to Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 (starting from $4.08) comes with Shutterstock integration, which provides you with unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of stock videos, photos, and music tracks for any project you may be working on, and you can find all of it right in the app. 

The software offers a free basic version and a 30-day free trial so you can check it out before buying it, and if you decide to do so, they offer flexible payment options, which is a huge plus nowadays. It’s also worth mentioning that the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac iOS.


Holger Sindbaek creator of Online Solitaire suggests LumaFusion. LumaFusion is the best video editing app for new or advanced editors. They offer helpful tutorials and support from their team to ensure that you get the most out of this app. This app is also award-winning, as it has many great features to make editing easy.

With unique effects, a media library to help with finding your projects quickly, a great organization system, as well as the ability to fine tune audio and create a masterpiece. 

LumaFusion also allows you to share videos through multiple platforms and can support exporting high-resolution videos. This app is a must, especially for those working with an iPad or iPhone. It works great on any size screen and makes it easy to edit on the go.


Luke Lee of Ever Wallpaper recommends VivaVideo.

It’s one of the top options, boasting powerful editing capabilities, intuitive design, and a user-friendly interface. With VivaVideo, you can edit both photos and videos in various formats. 

You can easily trim down footage to the perfect length, add text and effects to your clips, apply filters and transitions, etc. And thanks to VivaVideo’s cloud functionality, your creations can be accessed and shared from any device wherever you go.

We hope this article on “The Best Video Editing Software” was useful for you. Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. For more video-editing articles, check out our other blogs here.

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