We love Premiere Pro; we think it’s one of the best video editing platforms. It’s perfect for everyone, from Indie filmmakers to big production houses; Premiere Pro caters for all. Adobe has recently released a super cool new feature called the remix tool. But, what is Remix in Premiere Pro, and how does it work?

Remix tool in Premiere Pro

In today’s guide, we delve into the Premiere Pro remix tool and how it works. Let’s get straight into the detail.

What is the Premiere Pro remix tool?

The Premiere Pro remix tool is a tool produced in Premiere Pro that allows you to automatically extend or reduce audio clips. You simply add to the duration and set the additional duration, negative or positive, and the remix tool will stitch this together automatically for you. 

How does the Remix in Premiere Pro work? 

NOTE: Make sure you are using the Premiere Pro Beta version.

To access the tool, follow these simple steps:

Firstly open the audio clip you wish to edit, and drag it onto your Timeline in Premiere Pro. Then select the audio clip in your Timeline. 

Now click on the Clip Menu and choose Clip > Remix > Enable Remix. 

Remix in Premiere Pro | Remix tool in PRemiere Pro 1

The Essential Sound panel will now appear (Above). You’ve probably seen this before or even used it. However, the new addition is the “Duration Section” in the panel.

As a default, the Remix toggle is selected. Here you want to enter the duration of your new music. 

However, it can only read up to +5 seconds, Of the selected duration.

Duration in the remix tool

Have a look at the duration you want and then decide whether to make the audio longer or shorter. The remix tool in Adobe Premiere Pro will then sort this out for you. 

Once you’re happy and you click ok, Premiere Pro will stitch it together. You will notice this squiggly line (down below). This is where Premiere Pro has stitched the audio together using the feature. 

And there you have it, that is how you use the remix tool in Premiere Pro. It’s still being developed but you can use it and update it when Premiere makes updates. 

Definitely one for the future, you can make small tweaks at the moment. But make sure you’re only using it on instrumentals as it doesn’t work well with lyrics and speaking over the audio. 

Can I use the Premiere Pro remix tool on music with lyrics?

You can, but we would highly recommend against it. Remix in Premiere Pro is perfect for instrumental music but with music with lyrics, it can cause a few issues.

The remix tool in Premiere Pro chops the music up but doesn’t take into consideration the content within the audio, so any spoken word pieces or song lyrics will be cut.

I feel in the future this feature in Premiere Pro will be super smart but currently it’s only beneficial with instrumentals, which, I must add isn’t a bad thing. 

Just be careful when using it and ensure you’re not slicing up your lyrics. 

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I hope this guide on the Premiere Pro remix tool was of use to you. Let us know what your thoughts are on the remix tool. How are you currently using it, or are you not?

Happy editing!

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