Hollywood is famous for turning books into movies and Dune is no exception. The original Dunes movie was released in 1984. There was also a remake of Dune in 2021. This article is focused on the first Dune. So where was Dune filmed? Most of the movie was filmed in one country with some scenes filmed in a studio.

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The Location of Where Was Dune Filmed in 1984

Where was dune 1984 filmed? The 1984 movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel Dune was a complex production, with Dune 1984 filming locations in several countries.

The bulk of the film was shot in Mexico, at Churubusco Studios, and on location near Guadalajara. Additional scenes were filmed at the legendary Hollywood studios, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios, and a few other locations around Los Angeles.

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In Mexico, massive sets were built to recreate various planets from the novel, including Arrakis, Caladan, and Giedi Prime. A number of sand dunes in the area served as stand-ins for the planet Arrakis. The crew used an actual quarry for filming some of the exteriors.

The crew also traveled to the nearby town of Tequila, Mexico to film some outdoor scenes. This included an iconic shot of a giant sandworm emerging from the ground. The impressive sandworm itself was built based on designs by special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi and could move up to 30 feet (9 meters) per minute.

In Los Angeles, scenes were filmed at the Paramount and MGM studios. The latter was the site of a memorable fight scene between two giant worms. Rambaldi built an immense platform that could be rotated to create the illusion of the creatures’ movement.

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Additional outdoor scenes were shot at Red Rock Canyon State Park in California. This included shots of the Atreides’ palace, which was a facade built on top of a natural rock formation.

The Story

The 1984 movie adaptation of Herbert’s novel tells the story of a young nobleman as he assumes control of the planet Arrakis and its resources. Arrakis is the only source of an incredibly valuable substance called “spice” and control of the planet is sought by many factions. Paul must rely on his innate powers, with the help of a mysterious force called the “weirding way,” to protect Arrakis from these adversaries. Ultimately, he must confront a dangerous enemy known as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

The Dune 1984 Cast

The movie starred Kyle MacLachlan as Paul Atreides, along with an all-star cast that included Max von Sydow, Sean Young, Virginia Madsen, and Kenneth McMillan.

The Cast of Dune 1984

The Director

The movie was directed by David Lynch and released in 1984. There was also a remake of the movie in 2021 that was directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Box Office Details

  • Dune Film Budget: $40,000,000
  • Opening weekend: $6,025,091
  • Gross (US & Canada): $30,925,690
  • Gross (World): $30,979,816

Fun Facts About Dune

  • The film was released on the same day as another science fiction epic, The Last Starfighter, which tells a completely different story but with similar special effects.
  • The cow that Rabban eats is actually a real frozen dead cow.
  • Helena Bonham Carter was originally cast as Princess Irulan but couldn’t commit due to scheduling conflicts.

Did Dune Receive Any Awards?

The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects.

David Lynch’s Dune has become a cult classic due to its intricate production design and iconic visuals.

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Mexico is quite inexpensive and a very popular place to visit. And if you live in Southern California, it’s very easy to visit by simply driving over the border. 

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