If you were around in the 60s and 70s, you might remember a little black-and-white TV series called Dark Shadows which was a gothic soap opera and a cult classic. It was so successful that someone along the way decided it was time for a reboot and made a movie from the series. In this article, we’ll be talking about the movie. But where was Dark Shadows filmed?

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed - Johnny Depp

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed?

The Dark Shadows Filming Location (including the original 1960s version of Dark Shadows) was filmed in Hollywood using various locations in the Los Angeles area. Some of these locations included Bronson Caverns and the Hollywood Bowl, both located in Griffith Park. Other filming locations included Malibu Beach and the nearby Santa Monica Pier. The mansion used in the original TV series was the Carey Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed - Scene 1

The mansion used in the movie is a fictional mansion constructed in Bourne Woods, Surrey, England. The interior mansion shots were done at Trafalgar Castle School outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The majority of the filming locations were in the following counties: Hertfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, and London. Additional filming locations included the Three Mills Studios in East London and Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire. Most of the exterior shots were taken at Highclere Castle (the ancestral home of the Carnarvon family and the setting of Downton Abbey) in Hampshire. Other locations used for filming included Northampton, Willesden Green, and Hampstead Heath in north London. The majority of the interior sets were built at Pinewood Studios.

Dark Shadows – The Story

The story of Dark Shadows starts in 1752 when a young Barnabas Collins sails from Liverpool, England to the United States to start a new life. He settles in Collinsport, Maine. He eventually breaks the heart of his girlfriend, Angelique Collins.

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed - Coffin Scene
Dark Shadows (2012)

What he probably didn’t know was that she was a witch who then turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. Two hundred years later he was mistakenly freed from his tomb into the world of 1972. Now he’s a 200-year-old vampire. He returns to his derelict mansion and tries to put his house and life back together again.

In case you haven’t seen the film for a while, here’s the Dark Shadows trailer from Rotten Tomatoes:

The Cast

The main cast includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Eva Green, and Jackie Earle Haley.

The Director

The movie was directed by Tim Burton. When you think of Tim Burton movies you probably think of Johnny Depp as well. The two are great friends and have worked together on a number of films including Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, and Edward Scissorhands.

Dark Shadows Box Office Details

  • Dark Shadows Film Budget: $150,000,000
  • Opening weekend (May 11, 2012): $29,685,274
  • Gross (US & Canada): $79,727,149
  • Gross (World): $245,527,149

Fun Facts About the Dark Shadows Movie

  1. The Dark Shadows movie had a budget of $150 million, making it the most expensive production by Tim Burton up to that point.
  2. Helena Bonham Carter was cast as Dr. Julia Hoffman due to her previous collaborations with Tim Burton in films such as Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland.
  3. The 2013 film is the first time since the original television series that the character of Barnabas Collins has been portrayed by a Caucasian actor (Johnny Depp).
  4. Dark Shadows is the first live-action movie adaptation of the original television series, although there were two animated films released in 1971 and 1972.
  5. The film featured cameos from some of the original cast members including Jonathan Frid, Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and David Selby.
  6. Johnny Depp has stated that Dark Shadows was one of his most difficult roles, as he had to dramatically alter his appearance for the role.
  7. The original soundtrack for the film was composed by Danny Elfman and featured songs from artists such as Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper.
Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed - Scene 2 with Johnny Depp
Dark Shadows (2012) – Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins


Dark Shadows was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Horror Film. The Saturn Awards are bestowed annually by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films to recognize excellence in genre films. Although it did not win the award, it still received recognition for its contribution to horror films as a whole. Additionally, Helena Bonham Carter was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

The Dark Shadows movie also earned over $245 million at the global box office, making it a financial success as well. Furthermore, the film received generally positive reviews from critics, with many applauding its visuals and Johnny Depp’s performance as Barnabas.

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What is England Famous For?

England is famous for many things including its architecture, culture, and natural landscapes. England is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Tower of London. It is also known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes literature by authors like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.

England is also renowned for its lush green countryside and its beautiful coastlines. Other famous aspects of England include its cuisine, football, and music. Overall, England is known for being an incredibly diverse and picturesque destination with something for everyone to enjoy.

Unique Places to Visit in England

England is filled with many unique and interesting places to visit. Here are some of the top places to explore in England:

1. Stonehenge – This ancient stone monument has puzzled archaeologists for centuries and provides a fascinating look into pre-historic Britain.

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5. The White Cliffs of Dover – These iconic cliffs are a symbol of Britain’s strength and provide an incredible view of the English Channel from the top.

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7. Explore a National Park – England has fourteen national parks, each offering something unique and beautiful to explore.

8. Visit an art gallery – Take in some culture by exploring one of England’s many art galleries, such as the Tate Modern or the National Gallery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dark Shadows house from the movie real?

The answer is no. It’s completely fictional. It was a set constructed in Bourne Woods, Surrey, England.

Was Dark Shadows filmed in Maine?

The movie takes place in Maine but it was filmed entirely in England.

While you can’t visit the Dark Shadows house or the set, you can certainly visit England. There’s plenty to do and see. The rich history of the country may even give you a feel for that Dark Shadows vibe!

Would you visit England? Have you already been there? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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