As a budding filmmaker sometimes you don’t have the funds to splash out on Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, but you still want to edit to an industry standard. This is when the question pops up “Is DaVinci Resolve free?”. 

Is DaVinci Resolve Free?

Free video editing software is the indie filmmaker and beginner editors’ dream. They want good quality editing software, without the huge price tag, and DaVinci Resolve is the answer! 

We look at DaVinci Resolve in more detail and look at some frequently asked questions, let’s get into it!

Is DaVinci Resolve Free?

Yes, it is free! DaVinci Resolve is absolutely free of charge. The free version includes all the features you would need to be able to edit your video to the highest standard. 

In the free version of Resolve, you have access to shot composition programs, audio editing (Fairlight) and exceptional color grading tools at your disposal. 

It even allows you to collaborate with multiple users, which enables you to work on a project with ease.

What’s the paid version of DaVinci resolve Called?

The paid version of DaVinci Resolve is called DaVinci Resolve Studio. 

The paid version offers you premium features that include increased noise reduction, lens distortion tools and detailed HDR scopes to allow you to color correct to the highest quality.

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What is DaVinci Resolve Studio?

DaVinci Resolve Studio is the paid version of DaVinci Resolve. Studio allows the user to access a wealth of tools from face detection to object removal, Studio has some incredible tools. 

Saying that Resolve is enough to get by and some big tv/film productions also use Resolve in post. 

Studio essentially offers specific tools to help you polish your footage off, as well as enabling you the ability to create intricate transitions and solid special effects. 

The studio is definitely one for a big editing team, where specific roles are assigned to each specialist, i.e if you have a dedicated color grading consultant, or a color correction team – DaVinci Resolve Studio allows you to cater to these specific specialisms.

How much does DaVinci Resolve studio cost?

The latest version of DaVinci Resolve 18 costs $295 as a one-off payment. It gives you access to the full suite, with additional extras including color correction facilities and face recognition.

Is DaVinci resolve safe?

Yes, DaVinci Resolve is safe. It’s a legitimate piece of software, created by BlackMagic Design, a well-respected video editing company founded in 2001. 

However, only download the software from the official website and never download any suspicious links that may have phishing software. Only download directly from the DaVinci Resolve site itself.

Stay safe out there guys!

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Does DaVinci Resolve have a watermark?

There is no watermark when exporting a video using DaVinci Resolve. This is the great thing about DaVinci Resolve, you have access to the incredible editing tools and are allowed to export the highest quality footage. 

As mentioned previously, it’s perfect for creators who are on a budget, or video editors looking to get into the industry.

We hope this article on DaVinci Resolve helped answer some questions you may have had. Scroll down a little further for some additional DaVinci Resolve blogs!

Happy editing.