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Canon EOS 4000D Review

We aren’t all professional photographers (even if many of us like to think our snaps could grace a magazine cover or two…). If you’re looking for a good quality, entry-level DSLR that still has a whole lot of excellent design features, the Canon EOS 4000D could be what you’re after.

Read on for our review, where we’ll outline the 4000D’s key technical specs and features, and give you some pros and cons so you can make a better-informed buying decision.

Canon EOS 4000D Body design

Canon EOS 4000D Review

The 4000D has a plastic body, with a good-looking and streamlined design. There are no corners to speak of, and it feels nice to hold in your hand. The build quality seems fine despite the low entry price. In fact, it has a similar size and weight to Canon’s more expensive models.

There are a couple of unusual features about the body design, however. One is that the camera’s power function is accessed via the rotating dial (which has an ‘off’ position) rather than there being a separate on/off button. Another even more unusual feature, especially for a Canon, is that the lens mount is plastic rather than metal. While this may not matter in the long run, we didn’t use the camera for the extended period to say conclusively whether or not this affects reliability. It could be that these unusual features are how Canon have got the price down.

The general camera controls work well and intuitively, but as you’d expect they are a little more basic than on a higher-end camera. The rear screen is rather small, but OK quality and works for entry-level photography. The pop-up flash doesn’t, err, pop up – you have to lift it up manually. It works just fine, though.

Image Quality

pexels-nina-uhlíková-725255 (1)The 4000D offers an ISO range of 100 to 6400, from an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor. Thanks to this, the camera takes good quality photos, even if the supplied lens is rather basic. It has built-in WiFi too, allowing easy transfer of images to your phone. You can even control the shutter with your phone as well.

The camera’s autofocus can be a bit slow, however, and takes some getting used to especially for those accustomed to using more expensive systems. There are features such as ‘Food Mode’ (to make the green pop in your avocado on toast shot) and ‘Creative Autofocus’ which allows you to adjust the amount of trendy background blur.

Video Specs

The maximum video quality of the Canon EOS 4000D is 1,920 x 1,080 and 25fps. You can’t attach an external mic to the camera, so you either have to use the very basic internal mic or record audio separately and sync video and audio afterwards in post-production. So, perfectly good enough for amateurs, but maybe not the camera to shoot the next blockbuster on.

Pros and cons


  • Great entry price
  • Nice, simple, rounded body design
  • Good weight and adequate build quality
  • Decent ISO range
  • Image quality is great for the price
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Fun features to adjust your images


  • The plastic lens mount may be an issue in the long run
  • Small rear screen
  • Autofocus can be fiddly
  • Basic video quality
  • No external mic input

Canon EOS 4000D Conclusion

Sometimes less is more. In a way, it’s refreshing to use a camera with a simplified design, rather than one with a whole load of features you’ll never learn how to use. It’s a good camera for taking photos, easy to use, with OK video quality as a bonus. At this low entry price, it’s a great choice for someone who’s starting out in photography.

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