Shrek is a household name; the animation reaped millions at the box office and performed so well it’s had 3 additional films made and a fourth in the works! Oh, and even a musical!

Is Shrek Disney

But the main question everyone asks is Shrek Disney? We look at if Shrek is from Disney and where you can watch Shrek. Let’s check it out!

Is Shrek Disney?

No, it’s not a Disney movie. Unfortunately Shrek is not from Disney. Unlike most animated films that Disney owns, Shrek is one that slipped away from Disney. 
Shrek is owned by DreamWorks Animation. It’s essentially Pixar’s main competition and an incredibly successful franchise. It’s loosely based on William Steig’s novel of the same name. 

How Old is Shrek?

No one actually has an answer for this. For example, some sources say in the first Shrek movie, Shrek was 106 years old. Then others state that both Shrek and Fiona are 30 years old in the first Shrek movie when Ogres turns into an actual person.

DreamWorks is a subsidiary of Universal Pictures, which is a division of NBCUniversal which Comcast owns.

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Is Shrek on Disney Plus?

It’s not currently on Disney Plus – however, in certain regions, you could watch Shrek on Netflix and on Hulu. However, Hulu has recently stated they will now be removing Shrek as of the end of April 2022, and Netflix has recently removed it.

Is Shrek on Netflix?

Unfortunately, not anymore. It recently had a brief stint on Netflix in the UK and Canada, but wasn’t available anywhere else on Netflix. 

Is Shrek Disney

Only recently, as of April 2022, it was removed from Netflix, meaning anyone wishing to watch the green giant will have to either rent or pay for the films.

Where can I watch Shrek?

You were able to watch it on Netflix for the UK and Canada and Hulu for America recently; however, since the end of April 2022, it’s been pulled from the streaming platforms.

However, you can also pay on multiple platforms to either rent or buy Shrek, one of them being Amazon Prime. You can also rent or buy on iTunes, YouTube, Vudu and Google Play.

Shrek on YouTube

Shrek Was The Winner of the first Academy Award for Best Animated Feature (2002). Shrek sparked a motion picture phenomenon and captured the world’s imagination with…the Greatest Fairy Tale Never Told! Shrek (Mike Myers) goes on a quest to rescue the feisty Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) with the help of his loveable Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and win back the deed to his swamp from scheming Lord Farquaad.

Here’s a preview of the Shrek movie.

How many Shrek Films are There?

Four. However, there is a fifth in production-ready to be released in 2023. The Shrek franchise has the following films:

  1. Shrek
  2. Shrek 2
  3. Shrek The Third
  4. Shrek Forever After
  5. Shrek 5 (2023)

How tall is Shrek?

There isn’t a set height. In some of the movies, he’s classed as 7-8ft; however, in Shrek 2, he measures in at 7”2. However, some internet investigators have worked out that Shrek is in fact a whopping 14 ft tall.  

It’s hard to tell an exact age, and it fluctuates rapidly from source to source.

Who voices Shrek?

Is Shrek Disney? The Voice of Shrek is Mike Myers

Shrek is voiced by actor, voice actor, director and producer  Mike Myers. Mike Myers is an award-winning actor who has won accolades from the MTV Awards to a Primetime Emmy Award. 

He’s even got himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.


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