Are you looking for the best mouse for video editing in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro? After extensively researching and testing various mice designed for video editing, I’ve identified the 3 models that stand out in precision, customization, and comfort, enabling you to optimize your video editing workflow and enhance overall productivity.

Best Mouse for Video Editing

Best Mouse for Video Editing

I have compiled a list of the top mice specifically designed for video editing. These selections offer precise control, user-friendly features, and comfortable designs to enhance your workflow.

1. TourBox NEO Custom Controller

Best Video Editing Mouse

TourBox NEO Custom Controller
TourBox NEO Custom Controller

The TourBox NEO is a must-have for content creators who want to boost their editing efficiency and convenience. The TourBox NEO is my top choice and what I personally use when editing video in Premiere Pro.


  • Highly customizable, accommodating different software
  • Excellent one-handed control with unique button shapes
  • Auto-switch between presets for different programs


  • Steeper learning curve for optimal use
  • Expensive compared to similar devices
  • Software can be buggy for some users

I recently started using the TourBox NEO for my video editing projects, and I’ve been blown away by its capabilities. The controller is highly customizable with the ability to map keyboard shortcuts, built-in functions, and even create macros for various content creation programs. It’s compatible with a wide range of software like DaVinci Resolve, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and more – making it incredibly versatile to use.

map keyboard shortcuts with the TourBox NEO

What sets the TourBox NEO apart is the eye-free one-handed control. All the buttons are designed with distinct shapes, making it easier to recognize each one without having to look down at the device. This feature has helped me stay focused on my work while adjusting my editing tools seamlessly.

Me Using The TourBox Neo

However, some users may find the learning curve for this device initially steep as it takes practice to memorize the buttons and customize the setup across various software applications. That being said, as I used it more and more, I found that I quickly became accustomed to the layout.

Another possible downside is its price, as it’s quite expensive compared to similar devices. But, in my opinion, the convenience and increased productivity provided by the TourBox NEO outweighs its cost. The only other minor issue I faced was occasional buggy software, but this didn’t hinder my overall experience.

In summary, the TourBox NEO Custom Controller is an excellent addition to any content creator toolkit looking for a more efficient and seamless editing experience. Although it comes with a higher price point and a steeper learning curve, its unique design and customizable functions more than make up for it.

2. Loupedeck Creative Tool

Loupedeck Creative Tool
Loupedeck Creative Tool

This Loupedeck Creative Tool is worth considering for enhancing productivity and precision in video editing. Check out my full Loupedeck CT review for the full breakdown of the Loupedeck Creative Tool.


  • Seamless native integration with popular editing software
  • Ready to use with predefined tools and workspaces
  • Highly customizable for specific workflows


  • Requires a learning curve for maximum potential
  • Occasional software lags
  • Inadequate customer support

Having recently tested the Loupedeck Creative Tool, I found it to be a good asset for video editing. Its seamless native integration with multiple software applications, including Adobe Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro, makes it incredibly versatile.

Coming straight out of the box, the console is equipped with a set of predefined tools and workspaces that enable a swift start to my editing process. Additionally, the Loupedeck software allows for powerful customization, which helped me easily assign tools and functions to buttons, touchscreens, wheels, or dials according to my workflow.

Despite the outstanding features, I experienced a few drawbacks with the Loupedeck Creative Tool. Firstly, mastering this device requires a learning curve, which can be time-consuming. Additionally, I encountered occasional lags with the software that slowed down my work process. Lastly, the customer support could use improvement, as I found it challenging to get timely assistance when I faced issues with device settings.

Overall, the Loupedeck Creative Tool has proved itself as a practical and effective console for video editing. While there are some challenges to overcome, such as the learning curve and occasional software lags, the benefits and potential productivity gains make it a worthwhile investment.

3. Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2

Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2
Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2

Investing in the Shuttle Pro V.2 is a wise choice for seamless video editing, thanks to its impressive customization options and compatibility.


  • Highly compatible with both PC and Mac
  • Offers 16 customizable buttons for extensive hotkey choices
  • Features a Jog Shuttle wheel for easy timeline navigation


  • May take some time to memorize button functions
  • Label stickers might be missing in some packages
  • No profile included for specific editing programs

A reader asked me that I test the Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2 for my video editing tasks so I thought I’d buy it and give it a try. Immediately, I noticed the difference it made in speeding up my workflow. The 16-button layout provided me with a great deal of flexibility for customizing hotkeys, tailored to my needs. As a bonus, the downloadable driver included button presets for all major editing suites.

Navigating through timelines has never been easier, thanks to the Jog Shuttle wheel on the device. Being both PC and Mac compatible, this impressive mouse made handling various machines a breeze. As far as compatibility goes, it has worked perfectly with my video editing software.

On the flip side, it took me a while to memorize the functions assigned to each button. I also found that the label stickers, which would have helped with this issue, were missing from my package; however, this may be an isolated case. It’s also worth noting that not all editing programs have a built-in profile, which can result in minor inconveniences while setting up custom maps.

Overall, the Contour Design Shuttle Pro V.2 greatly improved my video editing experience. The vast compatibility, customizable hotkeys, and smooth timeline navigation make it worth considering for any editor seeking to enhance their workflow. Despite a few drawbacks, I believe this mouse more than makes up for it in functionality and ease of use.

My Mouse for Video Editing Buying Guide

When looking for the best mouse for video editing, there are several factors that I consider to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow. These factors can be divided into three main categories: ergonomics, functionality, and compatibility.


As a video editor, I often spend long hours working with my mouse, so comfort is critical. I look for a mouse with an ergonomic design to reduce hand and wrist strain. Features that can contribute to better ergonomics include:

  • Size and shape: A mouse that fits well in my hand and allows for a natural grip is essential for comfort and ease of use.
  • Weight: A mouse with adjustable weight options can help me find the perfect balance between control and comfort.
  • Button placement: Well-placed buttons make it easier to access important functions quickly and without strain.

Logitech, a renowned manufacturer of computer mice (although not on my list here), states that adopting ergonomic devices reduces muscular strain, fatigue, and discomfort so users can perform better and more consistently. They note that 15% of computer users have reported discomfort that could be alleviated with ergonomic devices.

Best Mouse for Video Editing - Logitech Report


A high-quality mouse for video editing should have useful features that enhance my work experience. Key functionality I keep in mind include:

  • DPI and sensitivity: A higher DPI (dots per inch) mouse can provide more precision and control. Adjustable sensitivity levels allow me to choose the optimal setting for my editing tasks.
  • Customizable buttons: The ability to program buttons for specific functions in my editing software can save time and streamline my workflow.
  • Scroll wheel: A scroll wheel with side-to-side scrolling and tilt capabilities can offer better navigation through the video editing software’s timeline.


Finally, I consider compatibility with my system and editing software. Some mice have additional features or software that may not be supported on all systems or applications. I always make sure my chosen mouse is fully compatible with:

  • Operating system: Ensure the mouse is compatible with my computer’s OS (Windows, macOS, or Linux).
  • Editing software: While most mice should work with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, some may have features specifically designed for particular applications.

By weighing these factors, I can choose the best mouse for my video editing needs, ensuring that it is comfortable to use, functional, and compatible with my setup.

The Final Edit

As a video editor, I’ve found that finding the perfect mouse can significantly enhance my workflow. After researching and testing various mice, I can confidently recommend the TourBox NEO Custom Controller for fellow video editors as the best mouse for editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro.

Best Mouse for Video Editing - TourBox NEO Custom Controller

Ultimately, selecting the best mouse for video editing depends on factors such as budget, features, and personal preferences. It’s essential to consider aspects like ergonomics, customization, and performance to enhance your editing experience.

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