Script writing can be a scary proposition as there is so much to consider. Script writing is a complex entity with multiple layers for you to consider.

What is Script Writing?

However daunting it may seem, writing a script is very much achievable, even if it’s your first go. In this article, we will look at what script writing is, how you can write your script, and any tips and tricks that will help you along the way.

What is Script Writing?

Script writing, also known as screenwriting is the process of writing stories in the format of a screenplay. It’s the art of writing about the dialogue, actions and expressions of characters in the format of a screenplay.

To express your story to the best of your ability for the TV or the”big screen”, you’ll need to follow age-old formatting methods to really capture the reader’s imagination.

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How to develop your script

How to develop your script

There are many ways to start developing your script; the first is to write a logline. Then you can start to write your synopsis and build that out into a full-grown film treatment.

These are really important when it comes to script writing as it helps you to sell your concept in the future, and whilst writing your script it alleviates writer’s block.

What is a logline?

A logline is a brief summary of your movie, tv series or short film that is used as a “hook” to grab the readers attention, leaving them wanting more.

There are many ways to write a great logline and many movies have succeeded in nailing a legendary logline, but what do most of them contain?

  • Describe your protagonist with strong adjectives throughout the logline.
  • They give your protagonist a clear goal.
  • The logline uses a lot of irony.
  • Increase the stakes as high as you can imagine.
  • Never be afraid to break the “normal”.

These will give you a better idea of how to write a logline. Have a look at some of these “iconic” loglines and you can even try to question the conventional loglines and write something daring.

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What is a synopsis?

A synopsis is the brief summary or statement of the film, including the core concepts the characters, and the story arc.

It is an integral part of the film treatment and is used to help sell the screenplay and get the producer onboard with your screenplay.

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What is a film treatment?

A film treatment is a multipage piece on your film or tv series which outlines everything from the logline to the opening scene. It contains a synopsis, breakdown of character, and the story arc.

This is usually created before the first draft has been written. The film treatment is essential for the scriptwriter to refer to as they write their first draft, it helps with writer’s block and gives you a solid structure to write from.

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