Video Editing Services

Bespoke Video Editing Services

At iFilmThings we have a highly skilled and dedicated video editing team who use the leading editing software Adobe Premiere Pro and edit to a high-quality standard.

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We discuss your request in detail to understand what you are looking to achieve to produce high-quality polished footage.

Editing Services


One of our highly skilled editors will take care of editing your footage, colouring it and fixing any shaky footage and background noise.

Editing services


You’ll be presented with your completed footage ready for use, in the format of choice. We encode your video to the file format of your choice – MOV, MP4, H264, FLV, WMV, MPEG.

Why Choose us? We love filmmaking, just read our blog. We are all about filmmaking and love storytelling. We offer a range of editing services, from short films, YouTube videos music videos, commercial, social media, corporate and video explains. Our editing services include colouring, stabilisation, transitions, Audio editing including, crisp audio and removal of unwanted background noise – with fast and efficient turnaround time.
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How much do you charge? It completely depends on the project. The length of the video, the colouring, transitions and we also offer voiceover offerings if needed. Send us a message directly below and we can get back to you quickly with a quote and a full breakdown.

Request quote

Tell us more about your project and link to any video material you have. We can then discuss your project with you and send you a bespoke quote to get your video edited to the highest quality to meet your expectations.