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Breaking into the filmmaking industry is never easy, but for those that are determined to succeed, there are certain skills that can be worked on to increase their chances of success.

To be a great filmmaker, you need creativity, an aptitude for storytelling, and above all, perseverance. You also need technical skills, and the ability to lead and communicate, but all of these can be worked on and improved over time.

In this article, we take a look at the top skills filmmakers need to succeed!


CreativityCreativity is key when it comes to filmmaking success, you need to be able to think outside the traditional realms of cinema and produce something unique. But creativity can be developed, and each project you undertake will be a stepping stone towards honing your filmmaking craft.


Telling a good story is paramount to being a good filmmaker, as, in essence, you are telling stories on the big screen.

Storytelling is creative, but it also has vital components that you must piece together. You can learn how to craft a good beginning and ending, how to bring things full circle and how to develop characters that tell the story for you.

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Filmmakers need to be able to effectively communicate their vision to those they are working with, be it the actors, the camera operators, or the producers. A filmmaker is a leader, and communication and leadership skills are just as important as creativity.

Camera skills

Camera skills

Technical skills are one of the top skills filmmakers must , but these can be learned and improved over time. Working knowledge of up to date camera equipment is a must, while knowledge of editing or sound production software never hurts either!

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But more important than any other skills is the will to persevere. Filmmaking is a tough industry, and it’s not one you enter into overnight.

Becoming a success in the industry takes time, it takes development, and it takes setbacks. You have to persevere through all of this.

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