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Turning a film idea into an actual film requires a dedicated team. You will need people to breakdown your script and set a budget, act, run the casting, edit the project, crew the film, edit in post-production and handle the distribution.

You will work with these people for days, even months, and it is for this reason that you need to hire the most dedicated people. Here are a few tips for hiring the best film crew.

Start early

Many productions always try to hire their crew immediately before shoots. If by any chance, you are filming during a busy season in a location with the limited available team, you might end up without a good crew. It is essential to book a film crew early and give them a schedule early enough.

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Begin with referrals

Film crewThe best way to put together a perfect team is through referrals. The best people you can get referrals from are production managers and coordinators. Other good sources are department heads, fixers and professional production assistants.

If you are working in a new location, you can find out if someone in your film community has worked there before. They would be the best people to help you find locals to fill your crew. It is also essential to get a professional who has worked with the film genre you are working on, as they would also help recommend the right people.

Pay the rate

Every filmmaker wants a low budget, but if you decide to cut corners when hiring a crew, you might end up paying for it later.

There are individual rates required for specific shoots. Whatever you do, make sure you pay your crew fair rates whether they belong to a union or not. Besides, keep in mind that prices for different locations vary.

Finally, never be fast to dismiss a crew member that insists on higher pay. Consider checking their reel or resume as they might be outstanding.

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