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As a filmmaker you always want to be moving with the times, learning and expanding your filmmaking knowledge continuously. In this article, we have compiled the top YouTube channels for filmmakers to help you improve and learn as a filmmaker.

One of the best ways to improve your filmmaking skills is to watch tutorials and videos on YouTube that will inspire you to take your filmmaking skills to the next level.

The top YouTube channels for filmmakers:

Here we have the top YouTube channels for filmmakers – the channels that made the list all have different angles, but combined will improve you as a filmmaker no end. From post-production to lighting, nothing goes a-miss. So, here we go:


Yes we know we have included ourselves, but our video editor Philip is incredible and we have a variety of video editing tutorials which will help you improve your editing ability no end!

Over the next few months, we are looking to release weekly tutorials to help you as our valued readers improve your filmmaking skills without having to spend extra money on editing courses or going to film school!

D 4 Darius

Darius is a filmmaker, director, writer, Cinematographer, Producer and attended film school at the University of Arizona. He shares tips on filmmaking, screenwriting and directing and brings a warmth and

We’ve been watching Darius for a number of years and his standout video for us was – “How to shoot a No-budget film”.

This was an in-depth video that allowed us to think outside the box and really hone in what it meant to be a filmmaker and break down the “I’ve got zero money mentality” there’s a lot you can do with inexpensive equipment – hell, even with your smartphone!

Film Riot

Film Riot is one of our favourites. and it’s perfect for you indie filmmakers out there. Film Riot are a great source for improving your filmmaking skills, they have a combination of gripping short films and filmmaking tutorials.

They will inspire you to go and pick up your camera and start shooting. They cover everything from behind the scenes, to story ideas all the way over to editing tips and tricks, Film Riot is a must on the YouTube subscribe list, you won’t be disappointed.

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is all things Premiere Pro, he’s a genius. He is a filmmaker and photographer who blew up on YouTube. He has excellent content on how to improve as a filmmaker, sharing tips on improving lighting, your shot list, audio, post-production and general filmmaking tips.

By watching these videos you’ll instantly improve as a filmmaker… No, really you will. He has incredible technique and very personable Peter’s channel is a big hit and one you must follow.

Neumann Films

Neumann films are everything we love about cinematic filmmaking, they produce high spec cinematic masterpieces. They take huge pride in developing cinematic grade footage by specifically focusing on colour grading and frame rates.

If you are keen to create high spec cinematic footage at the lowest cost possible, then Neumann films is for you – clean, crisp and engaging cinematic filmmaking videos that will inspire you as a filmmaker.

We hope this article was helpful and these channels help you improve your filmmaking prowess and motivate you to keep creating and making content – feel free to give us a shout if you want a chat about filmmaking or have some specific content that you want us to write about!

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