How to increase your brand value within the film industry and how to achieve this

Well, as well as a filmmaker – I used to work in developing brands and how best to capture the audience’s imagination and retain them. It was all about building brand value, brand loyalty, and offering value for free… Yes, you heard that right, for free.

As well as having amazing ideas, cool prose, and an insane concept. You must also remember your audience. What do they want to see? What do they expect? Look at previous statistics and develop future ideas on that. Create a structure that works and always develop forward-thinking, exciting content.

But most importantly it should be fun – for you as well!



The value to your viewers must be of a high level. Whether it’s informative, the story is gripping, it’s fast-paced or even interactive – the content must be valuable and exciting for the audience. As long as you play to the strengths of your audience you will provide them with value. For example, if you are a branding agency focused in the education sector – when building content you want to have upcoming trends within the sector and dissect them into manageable clips that your audience can take away and improve their own business/school/education. This will then build trust within your brand and the sector in which your company is submerged in.


You need to provide entertainment to your audience. It needs to be gripping, catchy but not annoying. A tough balance to keep. But there are steps to take to ensure your amazing idea is planned correctly and executed to your audience with the success it deserves. Have a look at this article on writing your first film.



Quality is nothing to do with the camera you can or can’t afford. It’s all about the story. I mean if it’s a cool story – gripping, exciting and fun. You could record it on a block of cheese, and people would watch. But if you are using a five thousand pound camera to film a load of mud for 2 hours – I don’t care the range of aperture or the MP it has, you’ve lost me. Quality and cost are not the same things – remember that. A mobile phone will suffice.

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