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Released in 2017, the Nikon D7500 is a mid-range DSLR camera combining power with portability. Nikon heralded this design for inheriting the D500’s DX image quality and its nifty design using an APS-C sensor. That said, let’s jump into our Nikon D7500 Review!

If you’re looking to upgrade your DSLR or enter the photography game with a powerful camera, then the D7500 packs a punch. While Nikon aimed this camera at beginners and enthusiasts, it has plenty of outstanding features.

Nikon D7500 Review - Top Body

Key features

  • The ISO on the Nikon D7500 is astounding, reaching an impressive ISO 1,640,000 when boosted. This ISO outperforms the more expensive D500.
  • It has an unusually high buffer capacity of 50 raw files with the new EXPEED 5 image processor.
  • The 153-point autofocus system goes up to f/8 with a shutter speed range of 1/8000 to 30 sec.
  • You can sync your photos to your smartphone with SnapBridge.
  • 4K video and time-lapse movie features make it perfect for hybrid photographers and filmmakers.

Body and handling

The camera weighs 640g, making it 16% lighter than the D500 but still a solid build in using a carbon fibre body. The handgrip feels secure and comfortable thanks to its deeper groove and soft-cushioned coating. Nikon’s D7500 is fully weatherproof, allowing you to shoot in all conditions and terrains, and its optical viewfinder uses a proper pentaprism design for 100% coverage.

A defining feature of the camera is the tilt screen, allowing you to adjust the position of the rear display for overhead or lower angled images. It has a touchscreen too, creating a simple way to access playback and modify the autofocus (AF) point when using live view. While this feature is typical for mirrorless cameras, it is refreshing to see it on a DSLR.

If you’re looking to use this camera for filming, it comes with a microphone and headphone jack, as well as ports for USB, HDMI Type C and remote trigger/accessory connections. The D7500 also comes with a dedicated ISO button, placed near the exposure compensation control to make it easy to access.

Image quality

With 950-shot battery life and a 180K-pixel metering sensor, this camera offers terrific image quality. Its white balance and metering both handle well, with the auto white balance feature performing consistently well. If you take shots at the lower end of the sensitivity range, they will still show fine details, and noise only starts to creep in at around ISO 12,800. While noise levels become more pronounced at around ISO 25,600, it still offers impressive performance for the range of the camera.

The D7500 does only have 21 pixels rather than the usual 24 we see on most modern DSLRs, but unless you’re looking to sell your images as high-quality prints, 21 should do nicely. If you’re looking for something more professional, then the Nikon D500 is at the top of this range and will offer you those bonuses.

Nikon D7500 Video Quality

Nikon Europe did their own Nikon D7500 review with the 4K UHD video features. Here’s a video sample of the Nikon D7500 using 4K UHD at 30 frames per second.

Where to buy the Nikon D7500?

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Pros and cons


  • 8fps continuous shooting helps with action shots
  • Can film in 4K video
  • Offers a high ISO performance and advanced AF system


  • No option for a battery grip
  • Only one SD card slot
  • Live focusing can be slow
  • Low rear resolution

Common Questions About The Nikon D7500

Is Nikon D7500 Good for Beginners?

As with any mid-level DSLR there will be a learning curve. But the D7500 user interface is pretty easy to get around and do what you want it to. So, yes the Nikon D7500 is good for beginners.

Is Nikon D7500 Good for Street Photography?

The D7500 has a 51 point AF system with 15 cross type sensors and group area AF paired with up to 8 fps continuous shooting capability so it can shoot some great Street Photography.

Is the Nikon D7500 worth it?

As a mid-level DSLR and the great reputation of Nikon, we think it is a great investment for your camera gear.

Nikon D7500 Review: Verdict

As the fourth camera in Nikon’s D7X00 series, this camera is a long way from the D7000 in 2010. Like many Nikon products, this camera is excellent for wildlife and sports photography but does have a few noticeable drawbacks. If you don’t mind having a single SD card slot and can cope with the weight of a DSLR, this camera can produce outstanding results. Plus, it’s relatively affordable for a DSLR, so snap one up today!

What do you think of the Nikon D7500? Let us know in the comments below or tag us at @ifilmthings.

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