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Where Netflix downloads are saved on Windows 10 [Solution].

You have the ability to download movies on Netflix and watch these films offline. However, a lot of the time when using Windows 10 you don’t know where the downloads are saved. In this article, we show you where Netflix downloads are saved on Windows 10 so you can easily locate them. 

Let’s check out where your Netflix downloads are saved on Windows 10. 

Where are Netflix downloads saved on PC?

Here is where you can find where Netflix downloads are stored on the PC. Follow these simple steps to locate your downloads on your PC.

  • Firstly, open the File Explorer from the Taskbar.
  • Then you need to be able to display the Netflix folder as it’s automatically set as hidden. 
  • To display this, simply go to the View tab and now click on the Option menu button on the right hand side. 
  • Now, go to the Folder Options,  and select the View tab. Then scroll to the Files and Folders settings
  • Is it checked? If not, select the “Show Hidden files, folders, and drives” setting to enable it.
  • Finally, hit OK.

On Windows 10 you can actually access the Netflix download folder from the File Explorer. The full path is:


How to find your Netflix download on Windows 10

There you have it, that’s where Netflix downloads are saved on Windows 10.

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How to download a movie on Netflix for Windows 10

If you’re looking to download movies on Netflix, read our full guide on how to download movies on Netflix. 

Here’s how to download movies from Netflix on Windows 10: 

  • Log onto the Netflix app. 
  • Now, select downloads (The horizontal three lines).
  • Then, Netflix displays which movies are “Downloadable”. 
  • Finally you need to choose the film you wish to download and hit the “Download button”. 

Now you’ll see the downloaded content in your download section on the app.

We hope this article on “Where Netflix downloads are saved on Windows 10” was helpful to you. 

Happy watching!

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