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How to quickly stabilise video in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Shaky footage is a filmmakers nightmare, but don’t you worry we have a cure! In Adobe Premiere Pro it’s relatively simple to reduce the shake and stabilise your footage. Here we will take you through a simple step by step process to stabilising your footage in Adobe Premiere Pro with the Warp Stabiliser feature.

1. Select the footage you want to stabilise

Stabilise the footage

2. The effects panel

Head to the effects panel and type in: Warp Stabiliser.

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 07.32.55

3. Click it and drag over to your footage

Click the warp stabiliser and then drag it over to your footage and place it on top of the selected footage.

4. You should then see the analysing message

Analysing Footage

A Blue analysing message will appear. Leave it for a few minutes and continue editing. The length of time is dependent on the complexity of the clip, so if there is a lot of random shaky movements it normally takes a little longer than one with a singular movement.

5. Adjust the parameters

Adjust the parameters

Adjust the smoothness parameters to make sure the clip runs as stable and smooth as possible without a glitch or stutter to the motion.

And that is it!

Watch our editor Philip in action as he takes you through the process step by step:

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