Film Funding: How to get your short film funded

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Film funding is an important part of the filmmaking process, some films don’t require a fund and can be created with a minimal budget. But most of the time, an idea is formed, a pilot is shot – but, there is a long way to go to get your film shot.

But, the key to being greenlit is simply being funded.

Here we discuss film funding in more detail, how to get your short film funded and most importantly, links to current film funds that can help you get your project funded fully.

It’s the golden question that everyone needs to be answered. How do I get my film funded and what type of film funding is out there currently.

There are many ways in this day and age from the good ol’ fashioned film grants to crowdfunding – but what will suit your needs?

Film funds

There are many film funds so I will narrow it to the top UK funds and top US funds – these are film funds that are currently available for you to apply to and submit your work.

The UK:

The US:

This may be of interest to you: What is a film treatment and how do I create one?


Film funding

This can be huge, but there is a lot of work to do before you’ve even set up your crowdfunding campaign and get this set up and optimised as a form of film funding. You will want to build a little furore around your project through your social channels and friend networks.

Here are a few options for crowdfunding:


I know, I know you came here for how to get your film funded and I’m now telling you to fund it yourself. But seriously this doesn’t have to be a million pounds, you could go for a no-budget. Source some filmmaking friends and offer to pay for their food. Honestly, there are so many people out there that if you film on a weekday evening or a weekend who will be up for it, especially if your script is compelling – don’t rule it out.


You should definitely look to utilise the multitude of grants out there for filmmakers, yep I know some are very obscure and there is room to alter your script a little to qualify for said grants. But they are definitely worth putting in the time and research as you never know this could lead to your script being produced. Here are a few to consider:

Canon EOS 5D

But, there is another way. You can get a page or two of your script… bear with me for a second. You take the most exciting scene which stands by itself, then grab an actor or two, a friend? Hell, even yourself and film it, have fun with it. Then contact the production companies with the content as well. Producers are far more likely to help and/or acknowledge you with video.

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