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How to create YouTube Shorts: The ULTIMATE guide

YouTube Shorts are pretty fun and a great way to gain a following in no time – and this is why we will show you how to create YouTube Shorts. Ask Colin and Samir; they created a pretty cool video on how a Dental Student gained 1 Million subscribers in 1 month

Pretty sweet if you ask us! They are a game-changer for any content creator on YouTube, and they must be used. 

It’s seen as a competitor to Snapchat, Facebooks short videos, Instagram, and Tik Tok. But we think it outshines them in terms of long term value and building your YouTube brand. 

Today’s article will look at what YouTube Shorts is and how to create YouTube Shorts in minutes. 

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are a video that can be created up to 60 seconds in length – usually filmed vertically – we’d advise you to shoot a portrait. The 60-second clip can be turned into several 15-second videos combined or one continuous video – we’ve seen some excellent looping videos. 

YouTube Shorts are a perfect way to grab viewers’ attention and turn them into your main channel videos to help grow them. It’s a perfect way for you if you’re looking to start YouTube or grow your current channel. Get some YouTube Shorts created, and begin building that channel.

One of our favourite creators is The Golden Balance his food videos are incredible, and he gets some sick looping videos shot as YouTube Shorts. The great thing is that you get so mesmerised that you watch it repeatedly, only adding to the watch time. 

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Fun Facts: Once you’ve finished recording your video, use the #shorts hashtag in the title or description. This allows YouTube to recommend and promote your Shorts video and grow your audience!

How to make YouTube Shorts

Here’s how to create YouTube Shorts videos in minutes; make sure you have your idea prepared beforehand, and then get ready to start! 

Download the app 

Make sure you download the app for either IOS or Android, depending on your phones operating system. 

Open your app and click create

Next, open up the YouTube app, and click on the Create button. This is the plus symbol at the bottom of your phone: 

Create a YouTube Short

Then when the pop up appears after clicking the plus button, select “Create a Short”. 

Create a YouTube Short

Now it will ask you to give YouTube permission to your microphone, select allow and continue – you’ll then enter the YouTube Shorts recording page. 

Select your recording length

YouTube Shorts sets the default recording length to 15 seconds. You can see this number just above the record button. 

Record a YouTube short

You can change this to 60 seconds by tapping on the number. This is perfect for filming some cool looping tutorials; just as we said before, The Golden Balance nails this, and so does Nick DiGiovanni too. 

Using the additional settings

On the right-hand side of the YouTube Shorts screen, you’ll see four settings on the side. This is the camera flip, speed icon, timer and filters. 

The camera flip icon is simple, gives you the option to use your front or back camera. The next icon is the speed icon. 

The speed icon is there to allow you to slow down or speed up the recording, pretty cool if you want to slow down your shot and capture the viewer’s attention. This is used in phenomena like the bottle cap challenge and so on to emphasise the end product. 

Next up is the timer. The timer is there so you can set a time if you’re filming yourself to get into the shot comfortably and record yourself. You can set it to the perfect time for you to get ready and in place before the recording begins. 

Finally, the filters. The filters icon allows you to apply visual filters to your recording; we find some Android versions don’t allow this; make sure that you have the latest update! These can add to the atmosphere and create a mood; these are especially effective if you want to create a light-hearted, comedic sketch. 

Lights, camera, action!

Now you’ve got the above sorted; it’s now time to record! Simply tap the Record button. You can pause the video at any point to pause and then tap again to begin recording.

You can delete any of the segments you have recorded by clicking on the Undo button. It will not delete the whole video, and if you have accidentally tapped it, fear not – you can simply click the Redo button – the right arrow. 

Your recording is complete.

Once y.our recording is complete, tap on the check at the bottom and you’ll be able to preview your recording. This will also give you the option to add any text, music and apply any filters deemed necessary.

Recording is complete

Once you’ve added the additional text and other filters, a simple press on the Next button on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Upload your YouTube Shorts video

It’s finally here! It’s now time to upload your YouTube Shorts video. You just need to add a title to the video and adjust your share settings before uploading your clip. 

Upload your short

Don’t forget to add the #shorts clip to ensure that your video gets picked up by the almighty YouTube algorithm! 

Now click on the Upload button, and there you have it. Your YouTube Shorts have been added to your YouTube channel. Sit back, relax and (hopefully) watch the views roll in!

What is YouTube Shorts resolution?

Releasing quality content is important on all social platforms, not to mention just YouTube Shorts. But to get your video up to the highest quality, to keep users engaged and allow it to fit perfectly, you need to know the resolution of YouTube Shorts. 

To allow you to upload your YouTube Shorts to the highest quality, you will want to have a minimum aspect ratio of 9:16 and then a minimum resolution of your YouTube Short of  600 x 600 and no more than 1080 x 1080. 

The popularity of YouTube Shorts is increasing day by day. To keep up with your fellow YouTubers, ensure your resolution sticks within the guidelines, and remember to post engaging content! Resolution is a part of that. 

We hope this article on “How to create YouTube Shorts: The ULTIMATE guide” was useful to you. Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments, and scroll a little further for all things YouTube! 

Happy YouTubing!

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