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How to become a successful screenwriter

How to become a successful screenwriter.


Becoming a screenwriter is not easy, and making it as a screenwriter is even harder.

Wow. That sounded really harsh reading that back. However, this is reality. It’s not impossible, but… It will be tough. If you think you’ve got what it takes and you can apply that, work hard – then why not!

We think anyone who has the three key ingredients (creativity, determination and flexibility) can become a successful screenwriter.

Scroll below to find out how to get started.

1. Intern/work experience

Gain experience. Apply to a production company or maybe try proofreading and get that unpaid/paid experience down on your CV. The real-life experienced combined with your screenwriting education will help you develop into a better screenwriter and allow you to grow.

Resources: ShootingPeople, Mandy Crew, Indeed (Free, but be vigilant).

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2. Learn

Always educate. It’s a must. You want to keep fresh and learn new techniques, new ideas – always look to adapt. There are many ways to do this,. Whether it’s listening to podcasts, watching youtube tutorials or attending classes. These will help you develop your writing skills.

Deciding on the best screenwriting software: which software suits YOU best.

3. Enter Script competitions


This is a must, but… Be patient!

You’ll find often your first, second, third… Fourteenth entry will not get noticed. But you can tweak and develop that script until it is. It takes time and patience. However, it is a great way to become a full time screenwriter.

Filmfreeway is a great platform to apply for screenwriting competitions. Make sure you have a look at the requirements and your script fits the spec. Some offer feedback, which can be invaluable but occasionally you have to pay an additional fee, so make sure it’s affordable and if not, you can get feedback from smaller production companies and filmmakers are usually happy to have a look and offer advice.

One of the best competitions we recommend is the Academy Nicholl Fellowship screenwriting competition.

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4. Write, write, write and … WRITE

Create a portfolio. Showcase your talent.

Never give up. If you have an idea, note it down. Put it in your iPhone and develop it. One day you may be asked by an agent or manager could you show us a portfolio of your writing. Then show them varied work, how capable you are – show them WHY they must sign you. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been produced or not.

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