How to get your film distributed

Film distribution is a core element of the filmmaking process, and filmmakers must understand the ins and outs of film distribution in order for them to become successful.

Filmmakers need to grab a deep understanding of film distribution to understand how it works to position themselves in a way in which they will be able to recoup their original investment.

This will allow you to pay back potential investors and also, most importantly get your film distributed so the world can see your masterpiece.

In this article we dig into the basics of how to get film distribution and ways for you to get your film distributed.

Film distribution: How to get your film distributed

Here we look at the key tips to getting your film distributed and the steps you need to consider to put yourself in the best possible position to get your film funded.

Think about film distribution from day one

Think about film distribution from day one

What do you mean? Well, you must think about distributing the film from the get-go. You need to understand what sells in filmmaking, and also understand the potential returns.

Don’t go spending thousands on your film if it’s a small niche watched by 1000 people, you will never recoup your money.

You need to understand what sells, and if you actually want to get distribution. If you do, you may have to adjust your ideas to suit your audience.

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Make a captivating film

This kind of links with the above tip, but make sure you make a great film. How do you make this great?

  • Write an airtight film treatment and get your characters developed in a way the audience will resonate with and want to follow them on their journey throughout the story.
  • Hire the right actors, hire a talented film production crew, hire a good producer.
  • Spend a lot of time on post production and make sure it’s edited to a high standard.
  • Make sure the sound has to be of the utmost quality. Poor sound ruins a great story.

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Understand the ROI of the film

The idea of this is to understand the potential earnings of your film in order to make it under that budget and get it distributed.

The reason to get better at predicting your ROI and earning more than your budget is that it will prove to investors that you are capable of producing a profitable film.

Get good at this, and the investors will start to take notice.

Be sure to network

The word everyone dreads “networking”. It doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. Talk to people who have common interests in filmmaking, no need to sell your idea, but they may ask what your latest project is, hell they may even want to help you.

It’s about making good connections with potential collaborators, and that’s where your “luck” may come from.

After Post Production

After Post Production

After post production there are a few elements you should consider to ensure you get the best distribution of your film:

  • Create a sales “one sheet”. A sales one sheet is important as it helps breakdown the film to potential buyers. Typically in the one sheet, you would include the film’s plot, the audience the film is aimed at, information about the filmmakers, and any festivals it’s played at.
  • Create an amazing film trailer. Create a trailer that tells the story and leaves the audience wanting more, make it gripping but don’t reveal the full story.
  • Enter as many film festivals as you possibly can. Make sure this works on a financial level as well. By entering into film festivals, it gives you exposure and the opportunity to meet people who could help you distribute your film.
  • Develop a strong social media presence. This will help you build an audience, a following. It takes a lot of time and effort to build these, at least building an engaged following, but when your films released it will no doubt help your film gain traction with shares and discussion. You never know who’s following you.

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