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How to crop a video: The Ultimate Guide

You’re out and about, on the go, but you desperately need to crop a video. You snapped an amazing bit of wildlife or an interesting building that you want to share with your friends and family but need to crop the footage to fit the desired platform. 

No worries at all; here is how you can crop your video on your preferred platform with relative ease and simplicity. Oh, and the best thing is, you can use these programs to edit your footage in the future fully, and they are all free to download! 

In today’s article, we look at how you can crop a video on Android, IOS and PC and Mac. Let’s check out the editing breakdown below. 

How to crop a video on Android

There’s a free video editing app called Crop & Trim Video in the Google Play store – this allows you to edit video, resize it, and crop it to your preferred dimensions. 

To crop your video in Android, simply download the app and follow these simple steps: 

  1. Choose the video you wish to crop, and open it up in the Crop & Trim Video app
  2.  Next, select the crop option and you will see a small rectangle appear over your chosen video. Remember everything that doesn’t sit within the cropping rectangle will be removed.  
  3. Once you have selected the area, you wish to crop and are happy with the selection. Simply press the check box at the top. This will save your cropped selection, and you are ready to upload it to your desired platform. 

It’s as easy as that on Android, three simple steps, and you will have a perfectly cropped video.

How to crop a video on an iPhone

Next up, we show you how to crop video using an iPhone. Before you start, we recommend choosing free video editing; our recommendation is to use is the native iMovie app. It does a great job, it’s free, and it’s already on your iPhone. 

To start the process, simply open up iMovie, then follow these steps: 

  1. Now select “Create a new project”. Tap the “Movie” icon and select the video you wish to crop. Then tap “Create movie” at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Now select your movie on the timeline, and click the Zoom Icon [Top right corner].
  3. You can now use your fingers to zoom in, and out of the area you wish to crop. It essentially works as a zoom but is, in fact, the crop function. Once you’re happy with the crop, simply click the “Done” button.
  4. Finally, click the Action Button [Square with an arrow] and select “Save Video”. This will now save your video to your camera roll, ready for you to upload and share with who you, please!

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How to crop a video on a PC or MAC


Finally, how to crop a video on PC or Mac. Firstly, head over to Wondershare’s free online video cropping tool. It’s a free video editing tool that allows you to crop video on your Mac or PC at absolutely no cost at all.

  1. Open up Wondershare’s editing tool. 
  2. In the editing app, you can adjust your cropping tool to the aspect ratio that you need. 
  3. Finally, confirm the crop size – and export your video in your preferred file format. 
  4. Post your cropped video to your preferred social media channels. 

There you have it, as easy as that. You now have a fully cropped video ready to be shared across social media or sent over to your friends. 

If you have a copy of Adobe cloud or Premiere Pro, scroll below to the Adobe Premiere Pro section to learn how to crop a video in Premiere Pro

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The Final Cut – Adobe Premiere Pro, cropping at its finest!

If you are looking to enter the world of professional video editing, we highly recommend using Adobe Premiere Pro. 

You can view a quick tutorial here on how to crop a video in Adobe Premiere Pro – and click here to visit all of our other free Premiere Pro articles and resources. 

We hope this article on “How to crop a video: The Ultimate Guide” was useful to you. Let us know down below in the comments your thoughts. For more video editing tutorials, scroll down below and read our latest video editing articles and resources. 

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