Automatically generate captions with Adobe's new speech to text functionality

Adobe Premiere Pro will be launching its new speech to text Adobe Sensei functionality in early 2021. For filmmakers, YouTuber’s and documentary makers this will be something of interest.

Adobe Premiere Pros Sensei functionality is a new speech to text functionality within Adobe Premiere Pro which will automatically generate captions and transcripts to your video.

Most currently use YouTube’s transcription and caption service as of current, but this isn’t without fault. Translations and speech to text can be completely skewed leaving the view confused, or quite often amused – I do like a poorly translated video on YouTube. How does the Adobe Sensei functionality differ from the current speech to text tools available?

Well, it automatically mirrors the pacing of the subject’s speech within the clip, ensuring the captions and transcripts flow alongside your talent. It matches the timecode to create a seamless transcript functionality, as well as populating as you edit your material. This is perfect for interviews.

Adobe have released a statement saying the Adobe Premiere Pros Sensei functionality will also include multiple languages. Adobe states it will include Spanish, Korean, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and many more.

They currently have the Sensei functionality running with other tools, so it’s a welcome addition to Adobe Premiere Pro. Video editors alike will be lapping this up as it’s one of the most intuitive speech to text AI software out there.

More news to come when Adobe releases the software! Check out some of our latest articles below:

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